Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 14 Issue 4


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Techno‐babble Defined

Michael Winkleman

“Scanners are passé,” says Josh McQueen, a student of futuristic marketing technology who directs the research operations at Leo Burnett, the Chicago‐based ad agency. With all…


Bristoll Voss

Think you're not hearing English‐as‐you‐know‐it when a consultant opens his mouth? You're not.


From a white‐paper report submitted by a coalition of designers, architects, educators, and strategic planners to President Clinton and his advisors. The report followed a…

Corporate Strategy: The General Patton Approach to Competition

Michel Robert

The best way to neutralize a competitor's strategic heart‐beat, said the great General George Smith Patton, is to change the rules of play.

Productivity: Tech‐ploitation: The New Manufacturing Credo

John Kjeldsen

From the wheel to the microchip, experience shows that it can take years for any culture to make optimum use of new or advanced technologies. Corporate cultures, however, can…

Leadership: A Strategy for Communicating Change

Robert O. Knorr

If the dramatic improvements promised by business process reengineering (BPR) or the incremental improvements pledged by total quality management (TQM) are ever to be realized…


Up Close And Personal

Michael Winkleman, Dorothy Kerr, Don Schultz, David C. Edelman, Michael Silverstein, Frank Sonnenberg

The mass market is dead. The database lives. Sales, marketing, product development—and the strategies that fuel them—will never be the same.


J.M. Juran

The guru of the international quality movement explains what keeps going wrong with so many American efforts at total quality management.

IT: The Sequel

Don Tapscott, Art Carson

As Information Technology enters its second era, it's encountering a paradigm shift that mirrors changes in the corporation itself. With no respect for traditional boundaries…

The Big‐Bang‐For‐Your‐Buck Theory

Henry C. Lucas, Peter Weill, David Willey, Sheila Cox

Do it right, and your investment in information technology can have ail sorts of strategic payoffs. Do it wrong, and you'll be paying, dearly, for nothing. Here's a guide to…

Star Tech

David Willey

The mission? To sensibly go where many have gone before—into the realm of information technology, where applications often outnumber sound business reasons to use them. If you've…


Case Study: Don't Get Mad—Get Computerized

Melissa Campanelli

IN THE SPRING OF 1989, PETER FISHER, A CLAIMS MANAGER AT AETNA LIFE & Casualty's Middleboro, Massachusetts, claim center, was about to witness a revolution. He didn't realize it…

Book Excerpt: Can Baseball Survive?

Jack Sands, Peter Gammons

“Baseball must be a great game to survive the fools who run it. No business in the world has ever made more money with poorer management. It can survive anything.”

Out‐of‐Pocket: One Good Turn

Meryl Davids

You can't help but be impressed by John White‐head's resume. There's his 38‐year climb up Goldman, Sachs & Co., to the position of co‐chairman. Then there's his three‐year post as…

The Last Word: Quality: One Job, Many Vacancies

Quality, by itself was a lofty enough goal—then they had to add total to it. Yikes! The problem with aiming for perfection is that you're guaranteed to fail. However, the problem…

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