Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 14 Issue 3


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New and Improved

As a recent piece in The Economist noted, “there is remarkably little agreement” these days about just what constitutes business strategy. Is it matching resources with…


Bristol Voss, B.V.

When strategic planners at 3M‐Canada get together for a planning session, a staff artist joins them. When executives at Northern Telecom sit down to a strategic session, the…


From “Keeping the U.S. Computer Industry Competitive: Systems Integration,” a 1992 colloquium report by The Computer Science and Telecommunications Board Commission on Physical…

Business Intelligence: Scientific and Technical Intelligence: The Key to R&D

Jan P. Herring

Consider this scenario: A company's vice president for R&D had just given an exciting talk on what the firm believed would be the next major technological innovation in its…

Business Public Policy: How to Improve Business Relationships

Kenneth M. Davidson

We need to rethink the government regulations and managerial assumptions that influence our largest businesses. During the Reagan‐Bush years, undiluted free market economics…

Pricing: A Guide to Global Pricing

Stuart Sinclair

Last year was a busy year for pricers. American Airlines made a much‐publicized bid to simplify the industry's price structure. Procter & Gamble announced that it would…

Managing Radical Change

Jerome H. Want

As the traditional mainstays of American business have collapsed around them, companies have begun searching for ways to become more competitive—and to stay alive.


David Willey

Competition, consolidation, and couponing have made consumers savvier and brand loyalty shakier. As a result, nurturing the all‐important brand demands a new level of creativity…


David A. Heenan

China's entry into the economic big leagues is full of obstacles, but with one‐fifth of the world's population now champing at capitalism's bit, the opportunities for…

Lessons from the Assembly Line

Marvin L. Patterson

Defining the right product at the right moment is important. But how long it takes to develop and introduce that product can have a dramatic impact on both customer satisfaction…

Up and Running

David Rowe

When it comes to building new facilities, time is money. Delays cost dollars, blunt your competitive edge, and leave you with a building that's obsolete before it opens. Here's…

The Outsourcing Source Book

Why has outsourcing become a corporate litmus test? Is it the right move for your company? Who's doing it—and why? Is it both efficient and cost‐effective? How should you…

Case Study: The Allen‐Bradley Story

Larry Yost

IN THE MID‐1980S, ALLEN‐BRADLEY SAW THAT THE REQUIREMENTS FOR world‐class competitiveness in manufacturing were changing. The company's Milwaukee headquarters was manufacturing…

Out‐of‐Pocket: Trading Up

David Willey

Craig Ahlstrom has never met Peter Magowan. But he wants his job.

The Last Word: Productivity: A Bee in Our Bonnet

A word many promise but few deliver upon. To get a handle on one of strategic planning's hottest buttons, we cast a wide net and found a range of definitions:

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