Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 13 Issue 6


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The Discipline of the Narrow Focus

Al Ries

Last year, General Motors Corp. lost $4.5 billion. So what? Times were bad. Sales of cars and light trucks in the US in 1991 were down 11% from the previous year.

Marketing to Maximize Profitability

Robert S. Duboff

If marketing stays focused on its traditional charter of building revenues, it may not survive for long as a core management function.

The Key to Marketing to Older Consumers

David B. Wolfe

A number of common perceptions about older consumers are tricking marketers into taking wrong turns in research and adopting strategies that fail. Many of these perceptions are…

A Game Plan for Regional Marketing

Robert E. Linneman, John L. Stanton

Don't confuse regional marketing with selling spicier soup in Texas, reorganizing the sales force by regions to gain more control, or spending significant dollars in a local…

Targeting a Company's Real Core Competencies

Amy V. Snyder, H. William Ebeling

The twin concepts of core competence and business processes figure prominently in most discussions of corporate strategy. The core competence concept helps top managers answer the…


Competitive Advantage Through Design

Rajendra S. Sisodia

At a time when almost every business practice is undergoing a thorough reengineering process, many companies are discovering the value of going back to basics in one crucial area…

The Art of Strategic Sales Alignment

Stephen C. Strelsin, Susan Mlot

As an upstart company in the telecommunications industry, Commtech (a pseudonym, as are all company names featured in this article) decided to blanket all potential markets held…

Measuring Product Creation Effectiveness

P. Ranganath Nayak

The purpose of measuring performance on any business process is so that you can do it better the next time around; this is as true of product creation as it is of manufacturing…

Encouraging Employee‐Led Change Through Constructive Learning Processes

Frank Sonnenberg, Beverly Goldberg

We are living in a time of unparalleled change, turbulence, and uncertainty that is transforming our lives. In the course of two years, the superpower that inspired us to build a…

Should US Companies Establish Keiretsus?

Roy L. Simerly

Economic success in today's business environment requires a clearly focused strategy that builds on the distinctive competencies of the organization. Empirical studies over the…

Using Cost Management Effectively in the Turnaround Process

Eugene F. Finkin

A seriously troubled company needs cost management as part of a comprehensive survival effort. To determine the viability of the company, top management should develop a strategic…

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