Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 13 Issue 5


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Quality as a Strategic Weapon

Michael E. Raynor

Since its inception, the discipline of strategic management has been burdened with the charge of redundancy. Good management, it was felt, was by its very nature strategic;…

Redefining the Manufacturer‐Supplier Relationship

Joseph P. Aleo

At one time, a manufacturer's supply base was determined solely through competitive bids and price. Manufacturers worked to beat down prices without regard to overall cost, while…

The Evolution to Market‐Driven Quality

Robert J. Bruno

American businesses, like American politicians, often seek the quick fix that is best communicated by the short slogan. Quality is widely viewed as the American fix‐it‐all, with…

TQM and the Financial Function

Alan J. Schneider

The idea of providing quality products that are responsive to customer needs is not new. Before the Industrial Revolution, artisans interacted directly with customers to make…

Why Technical‐Market Research?

Antonio S. Lauglaug

It is no secret that success in today's marketplace hinges on satisfying customers. Total customer satisfaction has become the battle cry from board rooms to the factory floor in…

How Four French Firms Responded to American Clones

Jean Loup Archawski, Francis W. Wolek

Subsidiaries of French companies operating in the US discover, as do other European firms, that success in America's fiercely competitive market fosters competitive clones…

Planning Priorities for Empowered Teams

Clay Carr

The Gaines Dog Food plant in Topeka KS is built around self‐managing work teams. It opened in 1971 and has been 20% more productive than similar, traditional plants for two…

Market Fragmentation Versus Market Segmentation

Michel Robert

Although corporate executives would claim that they are constantly bombarded by changes that affect their businesses, in reality there are very few macro‐changes that have…

The Role of Intelligence in Formulating Strategy

Jan P. Herring

Successful business strategies are inherently dependent on the skills of the corporate strategist and the company management team's ability to implement the strategies. However…


Quick Response Technology: The Key to Outstanding Growth

Robert O. Knorr, John L. Neuman

America's consumable goods (CG) manufacturers and retailers are undergoing a sea change, according to the results of a recent Louis Harris survey report. The report analyzed the…

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