Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 13 Issue 4


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Industry's Response to Green Consumerism

Jacquelyn A. Ottman

Consumers the world over are turning “green.” In the US, outrage over the 1989 Exxon oil spill shifted the environmental movement from the radical fringe and placed environmental…


The Revival in Reverse Manufacturing

William A. Wheeler

A growing number of companies are jumping on the “green” bandwagon, flocking to develop environmental policies and strategies. This desire is part of the new attitude companies…

Pitfalls and Opportunities for Environmental Marketers

Robert J. Gillespie

Today's consumers are sharply aware of environmental problems, and they're demanding environmental responsibility on the part of industry. In a 1989 Gallup poll, 79% of Americans…

A Plan for Environmental Packaging

Eugene J. Casey

Corporate executives who sit back and take a wait‐and‐see attitude in regard to defining their internal strategy for an environmental packaging program will face a rude awakening…

Strategic Integration: How John Deere Did It

Richard E. Anderson

The economic environment and competitive pressures are forcing business planners to look strategically at their internal business processes and to then assess the alignment of…

The Value of Brand Equity

David A. Aaker

Through the 1960s and early 1970s, Schlitz beer was a strong number‐two beer brand supported by the well regarded gusto campaigns, such as the “You only go around once in life—so…


Marketing's Agenda for the 1990s

Allan J. Magrath

The 1990s may turn out to be the most testing decade since the 1930s. Severe competition, industry capacity gluts, and rapid technology transfer will not allow any firm to stay…

The Lessons of Strategic Leverage

Milind M. Lele

Many managers are failing to understand and exploit their strategic leverage. They often become obsessed with strategic tactics designed to achieve a short‐term gain and lose…

How the Japanese Learned to Love Bourbon

William G. Yuracko

Much is being said and written these days about the difficulty American firms have in introducing their products to the Japanese market. I don't want to minimize those…

The Value of Long‐Term Commitment

Kenneth M. Davidson

In the 1950s, the founders of Texas Instruments adopted a daring business strategy; they committed to developing pocket calculators and then selling them for less than their…

Structuring a Successful Turnaround

Eugene F. Finkin

The American economy is in a state of turmoil. Prominent firms are in serious trouble in industries such as steel, machine tools, fasteners, meat packing, textiles, cranes…

Flexible Deployment: Making Decisions that Optimize Service and Costs

Paul T. Chapman

In today's quick‐response marketplace, it is becoming more and more difficult for business to react to the pressing demands of customers and consumers. Try as they might, they…

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