Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 13 Issue 2


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Creating a Global Health Care Company

Robert P. Bauman

Global pharmaceutical mergers have spread the huge costs of research and enabled companies to sell their products in countries where they previously lacked a presence. Here's how…

Matching Global Strategies with National Responses

Harry Hammerly

3M has had an enviable track record in selling and distributing an array of products to overseas markets. The company has crafted a well‐established strategy that has proven…

One Market for the Americas

Roberto E. Batres

Mexico, the United States, and Canada may soon agree to become the largest trading market in the world. The author suggests that companies factor the influence of this free‐trade…

Taking Strategy to the Bottom Line

John Gurrad, Scott Belser

Many companies try to connect strategy with the financial plans that actually guide managers' actions, but only a few have devised good linkages. In this case study, the authors…

Designing a Customer Retention Plan

Glenn DeSouza

What is your company's customer retention rate? How many customers are price defectors? Have you identified barriers that prevent customers from switching to a competitor? In this…


The Pitfalls of Niche Marketing

Michael E. Raynor

Corporate marketers have jumped on the micromarketing bandwagon, but many have discovered that the path to profits contains a number of potholes. This article details three…

The New Math of Performance Measurement

Francis V. McCrory, Peter G. Gerstberger

Traditional accounting measures such as ROI are of little value to managers in measuring progress toward creating shareholder value. The authors maintain that new performance…


Crafting a Damage Control Plan: Lessons from Perrier

Gary Kurzbard, George J. Siomkos

Companies as diverse as AT&T, Exxon, and Beech‐Nut have discovered that when a crisis occurs, rarely are a corporation's contingency plans designed well enough to effectively deal…

Business Intelligence in Japan and Sweden: Lessons for the US

Jan P. Herring

Business intelligence (BI) activities have increased significantly in the US over the past five years—but mainly at the practitioner's level. For various reasons, senior managers…

The Do's and Don'ts of Strategic Alliances

Michel Robert

The buzz phrase heard most frequently throughout the corporate world is “strategic alliance.” Every management guru is espousing the need to form strategic alliances to survive…

Marketing to the Hispanic‐American Community

Stuart Livingston

In these financially constrained times, should your company spend money developing ways to sell your prod‐ucts or services to Hispanics? Unless you can afford to overlook a…

How Should the US Encourage Innovation?

Kenneth M. Davidson

The US needs more innovation. The nation's living standard has been declining relative to that of our more innovative international trading partners.

Effective External Communications in Downsizing

Eugene F. Finkin

When major cost reductions are under way, effective communications are essential with external groups, as well as with employees.

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