Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 13 Issue 1


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A Customer's Definition of Quality

Thomas O. Miller

What's the best way to get “close to the customer”? One company has developed a customer feedback system to drive product design, sales, service, and support functions in order to…


Customer Focus Helps Utility See the Light

John J. Evelyn, Neil J. DeCarlo

Florida Power & Light knew it had to transform the way it operated to remain competitive. The key was to understand changing customer needs and build those needs into its planning…

Improved Customer Service: Measuring the Payoff

Harvey N. Shycon

Will enhanced levels of service automatically lead to greater sales and profits? Here's how two companies measure the payback from improved service.

Overcome the Barriers to Superior Customer Service

A. Lynn Daniel

Numerous barriers inhibit companies from implementing an effective customer service strategy. Here are some practical steps that managers have taken to overcome those barriers.

Executive Development as a Business Strategy

Morgan W. McCall

The author argues that companies should take an energetic role in sponsoring activities to develop executive leadership; such a program will develop leadership abilities at the…

Profitability Reporting Techniques Bridge Information Gap

Andrew J. Rolfe

Managers often receive information from systems developed more than a decade ago, and this data is frequently insufficent for their needs. New reporting techniques are able to…

The Generic Strategy Trap

Danny Miller

Management experts claim that for a company to thrive, it must concentrate on a single generic strategy—on one thing it does better than its rivals. But specialization also has…


Why Companies Kill Their Technologies

Rajendra S. Sisodia

Several forces at work in most organizations can kill promising technologies before they ever become transformed into marketable products. Here's how to recognize the syndromes…

The Strategic Persistence of the Japanese Firm

Dominique V. Turpin

Why is Sony, despite its Betamax set‐back of the early 1980s, continually pushing its new 8‐mm standard against the VHS format of archrivals JVC and Matsushita? Why did Shiseido…

Synchronous Manufacturing: New Methods, New Mind‐Set

William K. Beckett, Khiem Dang

Manufacturing departments challenged with meeting customer demands are finding that they need to bring the entire company in step with their efforts to achieve meaningful results.

Better Information Means Better Quality

G. Michael Ashmore

There's been a lot of commotion and promises made during the last 10 years about strategic information systems. Simply find the right technology and you too can enjoy that special…

Spin‐Offs: A Way to Increase Shareholder Value

Jeffrey M. Gordon

Although the highly publicized mergers and acquisitions boom of the 1980s have receded dramatically, restructuring by divesting business units has become increasingly popular. In…

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