Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 12 Issue 6


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The Power of Partnerships

Henry J. Crouse

Increased competition, especially from foreign competitors, and the rising cost of technology have forced companies to seek out strategic alliances. A growing number of firms have…

Satisfy Your Internal Customers

Bruce Pfau, Denis Detzel, Andrew Geller

The lack of close attention to internal supplier‐customer relationships can jeopardize external customer satisfaction. Companies must ensure that all customers are satisfied—both…


Strategy Versus Planning: Bridging the Gap

Benjamin B. Tregoe, Peter M. Tobia

How can a company strike the right balance among strategy, long‐range planning, and day‐to‐day decision making? According to the authors, both long‐ and short‐range planning must…

Europe '92 Provides New Impetus for Competitive Intelligence

John E. Prescott, Patrick T. Gibbons

How many companies are truly prepared for the increased competitive threats they will face in this decade? The authors suggest that firms assess the type of internal information…

Build the Foundation for a Successful Joint Venture

Lawrence A. Gyenes

The time to structure these fragile business arrangements is before they begin. With joint ventures, planners find success in the design studio, not in the repair shop.

Eastern Germany: An Investment Road Map

Klaus H. Jander, Immo Stutzbach

There are many opportunities to purchase plants and factories in the five new states that once composed the German Democratic Republic. Here are some planning considerations to…

Guidelines for Strategic Information Planning

Albert L. Lederer, Vijay Sethi

Developing a strategic information plan is an essential step for companies that want to realize the advantages of today's information technology. This article discusses ways to…

Balancing the Needs of Customers and Shareholders

William Copulsky

Many executives contend that creating value for shareholders is the primary objective of management. But in focusing so strongly on the bottom line, have US firms neglected the…

Business Process Redesign: Key to Competitiveness

Robert O. Knorr

Before 1980, manufacturers operated in a relatively stable business environment. The bases of competition changed gradually. The physical aspects of the product (e.g.…

Internal Communication: Turning Talk into Action

Frank K. Sonnenberg

Over the past 10 years, the world has changed dramatically. The enormous increase in global competition has forever changed the way that we conduct business. Time is now so…

A Strategy for Executive Staffing

John A. Valentine

The selection of executive staff has long been a concern of successful businesses. In the early 1950s, William H. Whyte, Jr., wrote in Fortune magazine of how corporations…

Controlling Costs Through Effective Communication

Eugene F. Finkin

Effective cost management demands effective communication. The purpose of a communication program is to influence people—how they think and how they act. Communication is a means…

Idea Forum:: Strategic Concepts at a Glance

A growing number of US firms that have never dealt with foreign countries are investigating the possibilities of overseas ventures—either investing in foreign companies, setting…

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