Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 12 Issue 5


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The Right Way to Downsize

David O. Heenan

Downsizing has seriously eroded the loyalty of U.S. workers. The author, who calls for a new kind of corporate culture, describes how two firms have balanced the needs of…

A Baby Bell Reexamines Itself

Randy Lynch

U S WEST, one of the seven Regional Bell Operating Companies spun off from AT&T in January 1984, reevaluated all aspects of its business from top to bottom—including its corporate…

Moving Beyond Lean and Mean

Jewell G. Westerman, William A. Sherden

Traditional downsizing strategies often ignore the fact that corporate resources are inefficiently deployed. Here is a six‐step approach to realigning, eliminating, and…

Use Tactical Pricing to Uncover Hidden Profits

Robert A. Garda

Astute competitors are turning to the flip side of cost—price—for the next wave of performance enhancement.

Turbo Marketing Through Time Compression

Philip Kotler, Paul J. Stonich

A host of advantages will flow to companies that learn to make and deliver goods and services faster than their competitors. However, four key questions must be answered to…

Avoid the Breakdowns Between Planning and Implementation

William Sandy

There are eight areas in a business plan where energy is often wasted. Here's how to spot the gaps that prevent plans from being put into action.

Why Customer Focus Strategies Often Fail

Richard C. Whiteley

The author details nine pitfalls that sabotage efforts to execute a quality improvement strategy and insists that management must take a more active role in promoting the…

A Strategy for Service—Disney Style

Rick Johnson

The organization's customer service philosophy was established over 35 years ago by its founder. Today, every aspect of the resorts and theme parks is geared to serve—and…


Consumers and the Environment: A Focus on Five Products

Jacqueline S. Scerbinski

Environmental concerns are shaping development and marketing of a host of products. Astute firms are now targeting products to this growing segment of consumers.

Senior Management Must Champion Business Intelligence Programs

Jan P. Herring

Business leaders in Japan, Western Europe, and Latin America believe that the chief executives who lead their companies into the twenty‐first century will have to be fluent in…

Attack Competitors By Changing the Game Rules

Michel M. Robert

Many theories have emerged over the years about how to grow one's business at a competitor's expense. The most popular these days is the concept of the “value chain,” which…

How Can We Increase U.S. Competitiveness?

Kenneth M. Davidson

For the past 20 years, there has been a consensus among many economists against regulation and in favor of the free market. The consensus favors “efficient” competitive markets…

The Benefits of Strategic Naming

Clive Chajet

One has only to walk down the aisle of a local supermarket or industry tradeshow to understand how far today's market has evolved from a place in which companies offered one…

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