Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 12 Issue 4


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Orchestrating the Planning Process

Robert E. Brooker

Strategic planning at Lord Corporation is developed by line and staff managers. As a result, those responsible for implementation “own the plan,” while the CEO directs the…

Leading a Global Strategic Charge

Anthony J.F. O'Reilly

The chief executive of H.J. Heinz Company, in directing a far‐flung, decentralized corporation, challenges divisional officers to be creative and determined enough to meet the…

A Blueprint for Green Marketing

Joel J. Davis

Companies have rushed to market environmentally acceptable products. But according to the author, many have ignored the planning considerations that should have preceded the…


The Strategist's Role in Shortening Product Development

Donald G. Reinertsen, Preston G. Smith

The authors detail how strategists can identify key areas for economic leverage in the development cycle and what can be done to exploit them.

The Return of High Performance to the U.S. Workplace

H. James Harrington

If the proper strategies are used to change the business process, high quality and high performance will return to the U.S. workplace.

Corporate Funding: The Case for Capital Punishment

Franklin J. Chu

Tumultuous events of the last decade are forcing companies to develop new strategies to compete for scarce funds.

Invest in a High‐Yield Strategic Plan

Arnold S. Judson

For strategy to be successful, senior executives must first acknowledge the barriers that block lasting change from occurring in their organizations and then help transform the…

Rewiring the Corporation

Steven J. Heyer, Reginald Van Lee

When employees operate inside “functional tubes,” this often results in suboptimal performance for the company as a whole. “Rewiring” can establish the connection between how the…

Evaluating Marketing Assets in Mergers and Acquisitions

Richard T. Hise

Marketing factors often explain why mergers and acquisitions subsequently succeed or fail. Here are guidelines for appraising the value of marketing assets of companies that are…

How Integrated Should Your Company Be?

Donald B. Ewaldz

There are visible changes in the way a growing number of firms are doing business. Rather than vertically integrate their manufacturing capabilities, adding value to a product all…

Raising Equity Capital—Untying the Knots in the Green Shoe

Frank A. Klepetko, David A. Krinsky

As part of the process of raising funds in the United States' public equity markets, chief financial officers are invariably confronted with a somewhat arcane part of the…

Avoid Hidden Expenses When Moving a Plant

Eugene F. Finkin

Plant consolidation is a painful process that has to be considered when a company has permanent significant excess capacity. This is happening more frequently as a result of…

The Rise and Fall of Great Companies

David Beck

If there is one troubling question planners have asked over and over again and have not satisfactorily answered, it is “What makes great companies go bad?” At least some answers…

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