Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 12 Issue 1


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A Program for Sharing Corporate Intelligence

Gary B. Roush

Less and less financial information is publicly available today as more companies are being taken private, competitors are often subsidiaries of worldwide conglomerates, and joint…

Profiling Rival Decision Makers

Walter D. Barndt

If business can be looked on as a type of game, it is generally agreed that the idea is to outwit and out‐perform your competitors. If you do, then you may be rewarded with the…

A Recipe for Business Intelligence Success

Leonard Fuld

Much of corporate America has accepted the concept of competitor or business intelligence. As evidence of this, many Fortune 500 companies have already established intelligence…


Negotiating a Business Venture in the Soviet Union

Peter J. Pettibone

More than at any time during the past seven decades, Western companies are cultivating commercial relationships in the Soviet Union. Western direct investment began nearly four…

Why Some Strategic Alliances Succeed and Others Fail

Peter Lorange, Johan Roos

A key competitive precondition for any organization involved in any of today's multinational businesses is speed and pace in implementing strategies. Although one's organization…


Getting Ready for Japan: What Not to Do

Peter D. Miller

Foreign businessmen frequently carry preconceived ideas with them to Japan. Such ideas can result in disastrous consequences when applied to business in that country. If your…

A Prepackaged Bankruptcy Strategy

Thomas J. Salerno, Craig D. Hansen

What do the following businesses have in common—the nation's fifth‐largest hospital chain, based in Ohio; an oil company based in Louisiana; a historic destination resort hotel…

Innovation and Corporate Mergers

Kenneth M. Davidson

It is common to identify cultural differences between the acquired and acquiring firms as the cause of the failure of individual mergers. For example, H. Ross Perot, the head of…

Making New Technologies Work

Robert O. Knorr, Edward F. Thiede

New technologies have yielded astounding increases in quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Companies in manufacturing, service, and information industries have all…

Strategies for Creativity

Frank K. Sonnenberg

When was the last time that someone from your organization came up with a good idea? Do you reward innovation or stifle it with politics, protocol, and procrastination? Do you…

A Vision to Look Beyond Cost Control

Peter G. Vajta

Whether driven by a desire to thwart the advances of unwanted investors playing the buyout game or driven by the pressure of new and global competitors, U.S. industry has embraced…

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