Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 11 Issue 6


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Link Your Business Plan to a Performance Plan

William Sandy

Because the planning process is where change originates, planners are in a unique position to provide leadership. Here are some techniques that planners can use to drive the…


Self‐Directed Work Teams Yield Long‐Term Benefits

Anna Versteeg

A growing number of business experts advocate that workers should take on some management tasks. Many companies are already experimenting with self‐managing work teams. Here's how…

Planning the Leadership Transition

Frank Petrock

According to the author, a successful leadership change should not be left to chance. Such a transition must be planned and carefully managed.

Business Strategy in the New European Landscape

James L. Cerruti, Joseph Holtzman

The economic structure of the new Europe is more complex than originally assumed. Here's a look at the new order and its impact on global competitive strategy.

How Companies in Trouble Got There

Geoffrey D. Lurie, Joseph M. Ahearn

Even at the height of success, managers need to be able to detect early signals of trouble and implement strategies to head them off.

Product Development the Japanese Way

Michael Czinkota, Masaaki Kotabe

The Japanese approach to product development emphasizes continual technological improvement aimed at making an already successful product even better for customers. Is it time for…

The Rise of Micromarketing

Spencer L. Hapoienu

As a nation's purchasing options multiply, mass marketing techniques become less and less effective: As a result, companies may have to place more reliance on multiple‐option…

Six Keys to Commercialization

Douglas E. Olesen

The inclinations to take measured risks and to be market driven are just two characteristics common to those companies that have achieved the most success in commercializing new…

Leading‐Edge Distribution Strategies

Neil S. Novich

The idea that a corporation's future may hinge on the quality of its distribution system is not always apparent. Yet leading‐edge companies are discovering the hidden value of…

New‐Age Investment Banking

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Investment bankers of the 1990s will be quite different from those who dominated the scene throughout the 1980s. The emphasis in the past decade was on organizing highly leveraged…

Time to Remove Self‐Imposed Barriers to Export Trade

Jong H. Park

Recently, a hugh trade deficit, hovering around $150 billion, has become an important public policy issue in the United States. In the current debate on this deficit, most…

How to Market With Less

Timothy H. Hill

It is no secret that competition has forced U.S. business to operate more cost‐effectively. “Thin is in” to turn out products faster, react quicker to market trends, and service…

Idea Forum:: Strategic Concepts at a Glance

How are multinational companies preparing for the new business environment that will be created in Europe after 1992? To find out, a poll was conducted of 154 organizations, most…

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