Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 11 Issue 5


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Strategies Behind the Winners and Losers

Calvin L. Hodock

Each year, the American Marketing Association recognizes new product excellence with the Edison Awards, named after (not surprisingly) Thomas Alva Edison. The recipients represent…

Launching a Financial Service: Case Study in Persistence

Jane M. Klivans

Developing new products that become a financial success is a challenge for anyone, regardless of the industry. But for those in the service sector, and particularly the financial…

Product Development: Where Planning and Marketing Meet

Derwyn F. Phillips

Segmenting a market by developing a specific product for each niche has proven to be a strategy that can increase the odds for success. It has worked well for the Gillette…

Three Roads to Innovation

Ronald A. Mitsch

Innovation is important to most companies, but it is our lifeblood at 3M. We like to keep innovation coming from all directions: by developing new technologies and new…

Exposing Four Myths of Strategic Planning

Alexander Hiam

How do you assess the quality of your planning tools? One approach is to look at the validity of the assumptions underlying them. Some of the most basic assumptions of planners…

Growth Through Strategic Investing

Richard A. Shaffer

In the debate over a suitable response to global economic competition, the United States has largely confined itself to two options—a full‐scale, MITI‐like industrial policy or a…

Speeding New Products to Market

Karen Bronikowski

Corporations that continue to downsize through attrition or staff cuts have a fundamental problem. How can they muster the resources to maintain their competitive edge and bring…

A New Role for Computers in Strategic Management

Alan R. Dennis, J.F. Nunamaker, David Paranka, Douglas R. Vogel

Thirty‐one senior‐ and middle‐level managers from Burr‐Brown Corporation, a multinational electronics manufacturer, held a three‐day meeting to evaluate the one‐ and five‐year…

If You're a Big Fish, Be Wary of Small Ponds

G. Lynn Shostack

In these days of churn and turnover, a new group of entrepreneurs has appeared on the scene. I call them the Formers. They are former presidents, former directors, and former…

Anatomy of the Fall

Kenneth M. Davidson

The fall of Michael Milken, Drexel Burnham and Lambert, and the junk bond market has a familiar ring. In his book Money, John Kenneth Galbraith introduces us to banking with the…

A Vision for the 1990s

Frank K. Sonnenberg

The globalization of products and services and the deregulation of markets are altering the very nature of competition. Reports show that there have been over 90,000 mergers and…

Strategies for More Efficient Manufacturing Operations

Eugene F. Finkin

Manufacturing rather than marketing is the heart of a manufacturing company. A troubled manufacturing company invariably requires significant improvements in the management of…

A Corporate Self‐Assessment Checklist

Robert O. Knorr

Companies operating in the 1990s face an especially rigorous set of challenges. The toughest challenge is dealing with drastic changes in the business environment. The most…

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