Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 11 Issue 4


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Today's Worker in Tomorrow's Workplace

Pat Choate

Louis B. Mayer, the head of MGM studios during Hollywood's golden era, once said, The inventory goes home at night,' conceding, however inelegantly, that without his corps of…

Incentives: The Missing Link in Strategic Performance

Jeanne Greenberg, Michael Liebman

When the vice president of operations for Casual Corner, the $600 million retail women's clothing chain, left his position, it was for reasons unrelated to compensation. He felt…

How People Power Fuels a High‐Frying Carrier

Michael J. Conway

The year 1989 was characterized by a number of major events that have deeply wounded the airline industry. The scars include the Eastern Air Lines strike, the takeover at…

Relationship Marketing: Positioning for the Future

Jonathan R. Copulsky, Michael J. Wolf

This year, almost 4 million expectant mothers will receive personalized letters about infant care from a disposable diaper manufacturer. A leading manufacturer of hair coloring…


How to Enhance Customer Connections

S. Russel Craig

In an era of increasingly intense global competition, minimizing time to market has become key to corporate success. Casio, the Japanese consumer electronics company, has based…

European and U.S. Managers: Breaking Down the Wall

Mark R. Arnold

You are an executive of a U.S. multinational corporation, and you want to introduce some major change in the way that you operate overseas.

Building U.S. Presence in European Markets

David Lei

The final consummation of the twelve nations in the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1992 as a unified, consolidated market represents the single most important step toward…

What Happens After Restructuring?

David Ulm, James K. Hickel

In 1989, the Salt River Project (SRP), a utility that serves customers in and around the Phoenix, Arizona area, made significant changes in its organizational structure. The…

The High‐Yield Debt Market: Trash or Treasure?

Franklin J. Chu

Toward the end of the turbulent decade of the 1980s, the public high‐yield debt, or “junk,” market passed the milestone of $200 billion of debt securities outstanding. Now it is…

Japanese‐U.S. Alliances: Resolving Economic Conflict

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Japanese businesspeople, especially those trained in the United States, are incredulous to discover that U.S. public opinion now compares the threat of Japanese acquisitions to…

International Mergers and Acquisitions

Warren D. Kissin, Julio Herrera

Strategic buyers are competing intensely for acquisitions in both the both the top tier and the middle market, especially in anticipation of European unification in 1992…


Barriers to Communication

Frank K. Sonnenberg

Even though studies indicate that 45 percent of our communication time is devoted to listening, when report cards are given out to business‐people on how well they listen, very…

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