Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 11 Issue 3


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Strategists Confront Planning Challenges: An Interview With Bell & Howell's Ingeborg A. Marquardt

The strategic planning function has had its ups and downs over the past twenty years. How will planners fare in the 1990s? To ensure success for their organizations, here is one…

Pass or Fail? How to Grade Strategic Progress

Donald K. Yee

A business operating at peak performance excels at the details of implementing its strategy. Using a “strategic report card” can help a company to chart how well (or how poorly…

The Long and Short of Strategic Planning

F. Paul Carlson

ROI forces a corporation to measure its performance based on a short‐term horizon. What is needed is a way to blend both short‐term and long‐term plans to achieve corporate…

Business in China: A Year After Tiananmen

Lawrence W. Foster, Lisa Tosi

There will continue to be fundamental differences in how Chinese and U.S. businesspeople think. These differences are so basic that they are both easy and dangerous to overlook.

Flexible Jobs: Key to Manufacturing Productivity

John Dupuy

The place to begin restructuring manufacturing operations is on the shop floor where overspecialization of workers is the main barrier to improved productivity and quality.

Countertrade as an Export Strategy

Matt Schaffer

For countries with limited funds or nonconvertible currencies, countertrade provides an established trading vehicle. The author describes how this strategy can encourage trade…

The Director's Role in a Takeover Bid

Joseph J. Penbera, Charles Bonner

If the board has not developed a plan to prevent hostile takeovers, it is at a great disadvantage from the beginning.

The Winner's Curse: A Caution for Top Firms

Kenneth M. Davidson

History suggests that the advantages of wealth are easily frittered away if the holders of that wealth are not forced to find more efficient rather than more expensive solutions.

Stand Up for Ethics

G. Lynn Shostack

Some people are giving entrepreneurship a bad name. You read about them in the newspaper every week. Either they have just been indicted, or they have just been sentenced.

Use Technology to Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Eugene F. Finkin

Every manufacturing company has a number of organizations concerned with developing or applying technology. These groups may be called product engineering, manufacturing…

Making Mergers Work by Managing Cultures

Ali R. Malekzadeh, Afsaneh Nahavandi

When Burroughs acquired Sperry a few years ago, market analysts were highly skeptical about the success of the merger. Two organizations with distinctly different cultures…


Strategic Restructuring for the 1990s

Robert O. Knorr

Strategic restructuring is a beginning, not an end. In the race for continuous improvement, there is no finish line. To be productive, companies must continue to examine—and…

Idea Forum:: Strategic Concepts at a Glance

U.S. companies that have overseas plants and offices may be able to benefit from university programs that permit foreign students studying in the United States to work at company…

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