Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 11 Issue 1


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The Strategic Benefits of EDI

Brian Dearing

Electronic data interchange is a tool that can be used to slash inventory, improve cash flow, and streamline a company's operations.

Voice Mail Makes a Difference

Mike Bransby

More than just a solution to “telephone tag,” voice mail has helped improve employee and managerial efficiency in a variety of organizations.

Capture That Information on an Expert System

Gary Hochron

Expert systems enable complex, decision‐making information to be inserted into a computer program. Companies are beginning to apply this artificial intelligence technology to…

An Action‐Oriented Approach to Strategy

Benjamin B. Tregoe, Peter M. Tobia

Top and middle management can play an expanded role in developing and implementing strategy. The executives and their companies featured in this article demonstrate how they were…

Coexisting With Regulators

Allan J. Prager, John J. Cala

Companies have much to gain by establishing and nurturing a smooth working relationship with regulators.

Marketing Strategies for Small‐Share Players

Edward P. DiMingo

Lessons from past marketing battles demonstrate that regardless of a company's size, the right tactics combined with the right strategy can produce sizable gains in market share.

How to Present Your Firm to the World

Patrick J. Smith

Companies that effectively convey their corporate values, strengths, and experience to an international audience can position themselves to take greater advantage of global…

Computer Security: Planning to Protect Corporate Assets

Melvin Schwartz

The author describes the strengths and weaknesses of current systems and reveals how planning can preempt a breach in security.

Choices for Innovation‐Minded Corporations

Philip D. Olson

A growing number of companies have used joint alliances, acquisitions, and venture teams to maintain competitive advantage and respond to rapidly changing environments. But not…

Managing Resources for World‐Class Performance

Robert O. Knorr

In the race for dominance in the world auto market, Japan recently introduced two new luxury cars. Although only a few thousand have reached the United States, some industry…

Reducing Costs in Foreign Operations

Eugene F. Finkin

An established manufacturing company may have small foreign subsidiaries. But if the parent company has management problems, the problems of subsidiaries are usually worse. They…

Junk Bonds—Have They Lost Their Luster?

Kenneth M. Davidson

High‐yield bonds have made giant takeovers possible. The largest takeover recorded so far, Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co.'s (KKR) $24 billion acquisition of RJR‐Nabisco, was…

How to Reap the Benefits of Networking

Frank K. Sonnenberg

Today, people network by joining clubs, going to lunch with friends, attending conferences, joining industry associations, and going to alumni dinners and reunions; others network…

Idea Forum:: Strategic Concepts at a Glance

A recent study reveals ways for planners to better communicate their strategies and improve the probability of successfully implementing them. Planners who worked for…

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