Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 10 Issue 6


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Rapid Rise to the Top: An Interview With Compaq's Michael S. Swavely

This Houston‐based company took only four years to go from a start‐up to a listing in the Fortune 500. The president of the North American division details the firm's growth…

Overhauling Corporate Engine Drives Winning Strategy

Thomas Gelb

In its eighty‐sixth year, Harley‐Davidson, the only U.S.‐based motorcyclemanufacturer, is thriving in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Improved manufacturing techniques…

Innovative Products Trigger Internal Growth

Charles G. Cooper

Helene Curtis takes on a number of world‐class marketers in the personal care industry. Sales reached $630 million last year. One of the keys to the company's success is…

The Downside of Downsizing

David A. Heenan

Restructuring has become a popular option for streamlining organizations. But has corporate America neglected the drawbacks of downsizing? The author maintains that, in many…

Going Global: One Company's Road to International Markets

Maurice G. Hardy

Pall Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of specialty filters. Last year, sales totaled $429 million. Pall is a good example of the transformation of a small firm into…

Benchmarking: A Self‐Improvement Strategy

Lawrence S. Pryor

Benchmarking can improve strategic and operational effectiveness by forcing companies to evaluate their efforts compared to “best in class” firms and identify ways to enhance that…

Mine the Direct Marketing Riches in Your Database

Steven Miller

Companies are ignoring a wealth of untapped marketing gold embedded in their internal customer files. If this information can be extracted from a database, it could become a key…

Broaden the Search for Clues to Product Commercialization

Frederick D. Buggie

The perspective and experience of various industry experts outside an organization can often prove valuable to verify, qualify, or kill new product concepts.

European Manufacturers Shape Up for Services

Sandra Vandermerwe, William H. Matthews, Juan F. Rada

Many companies are building on their manufacturing expertise and branching out to provide services for their customers. Here, a number of European firms demonstrate how they…

Minimize the Impact of the Gray Market

Larry S. Lowe, Kevin F. McCrohan

While a company cannot control every channel of the distribution chain, there are some methods that can be used to prevent products from being pulled into the gray market.

Employee Loyalty Is an Attainable Goal

David W. Rhodes

Let's start with a subject we're all committed to—our children. When my child was very young, my wife and I learned, as do most parents, that there are several approaches to…

Financing an M&A Middle‐Market Transaction

Warren D. Kissin, Amin Amiri, Kent Gross

In recent months, numerous articles in this publication have discussed various aspects of financing lever‐aged buyouts. Our experience shows a dramatic increase in the number of…

How Strategic Management Builds Company Value

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

Company value is the price at which an enterprise could trade in a merger or acquisition. Strategic management can play a critical role in enhancing that value. Yet, how the…

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