Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 10 Issue 5


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Antidote for a Hostile Offer

John M. Pietruski

In 1982, there were 2,346 mergers between companies in the United States; more than $60 billion changed hands. In 1988, according to Securities Data Company, Inc., the dollar…

Fire Sale on America?

Kenneth M. Davidson

The CBS Evening News reports that foreigners now hold over one trillion, five hundred billion U.S. dollars and assets. In 1988 alone, there were 307 foreign acquisitions of U.S…

How to Win Shareholder Loyalty

John C. Wilcox

From the viewpoint of corporate directors and managers, mergers and acquisitions have become the tail that wags the dog. The “market for corporate control” (as it has been dubbed…

How a Corporate Breakup Boosted Stock Prices

Bruce P. Bickner

In the 1960s and early 1970s, big was beautiful. Corporate America saw a trend toward conglomerates. An investment in a diversified company was considered a good bet. If one of…

Disaster Containment Strategies

Paul Shrivastava, George Siomkos

Corporate crises are becoming more frequent and devastating for corporations. The Bhopal disaster cost Union Carbide Corporation over half a billion dollars and forced it into a…

Let's Get Back to the Basics of Global Strategy

George Rabstejnek

Any discussion among U.S. executives of such subjects as global initiatives, international market share, emerging lesser developed country markets, and opportunities in newly…

Why Forecast for the Long Term?

Ronald D. Michman

Too often, long‐range environmental forecasting is ignored in order to cut costs. But long‐range forecasting can actually reduce costs and win new markets ahead of the…

The Case for a Legal Risk Strategy

Hugh Calkins

Many American corporations fail to consider the legal perspective in strategy formulation: They exclude lawyers from the strategic planning team. By doing so, they cut themselves…

Applying Expert Systems to Business Strategy

G. Michael Ashmore

Ever since they first emerged out of academic explorations into artificial intelligence, expert systems have made slow but inexorable progress toward commercial viability. In so…

Company Turnarounds— Tough Hiring and Firing Decisions

Eugene F. Finkin

Having the right people is essential to having a successful company. The strategy adopted for the company and its complementary business plan will determine the types and number…

Service Quality: Forethought, Not Afterthought

Frank K. Sonnenberg

According to Leon Gorman, president of L. L. Bean, service is a day‐in, day‐out, ongoing, never‐ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate type of activity. Given L. L…

Idea Forum: Strategic Concepts at a Glance

U.S.‐Japanese business alliances have a long history of success, and many have been operating for over twenty‐five years. These include Fuji‐Xerox, Yokogawa‐Hewlett‐Packard, and…

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