Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 10 Issue 4


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Is Big Business Heading for Small Town, U.S.A.?

David A. Heenan

Although the bright lights of the big city have not entirely lost their glitter, many companies are finding that rural living can be good for business.

What to Look for in a New Office Facility

Michael J. Sarvis

The effective selection of corporate facilities can dramatically improve a company's bottom‐line performance.

Building Design: More Than Meets the Eye

Peter Lawrence

How good an investment is a new building? Its design has a lot to do with the answer.

The Financial Flexibility of High‐Yield Securities

Frederick H. Joseph

Many companies have turned to high‐yield issues in their search for capital. These securities have evolved beyond simple debt and, at times, can embrace the most favorable…

The Bridgestone‐Firestone Merger: An Insider's Account

John J. Nevin

In March 1988, Japan's Bridgestone Corporation acquired the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company for $2.6 billion. John J. Nevin, Firestone's chairman and CEO, provides this…

ESOPs With Productivity Payoffs

J. Warren Henry

Austin Industries, Inc., and Wyatt Cafeterias Inc., have “bet the ranch” on employee ownership. Through stock ownership plans and participative management, employees at the two…

Product Design for Low‐Cost Manufacturing

Richard Walleigh

Even if manufacturers use the most efficient processes, they can't change lead to gold without good product design. Manufacturing managers and design engineers need to work…

A New System for Rating Service Quality

Laura A. Liswood

Service track records can help customers and analysts evaluate a company's products as well as its value. The author shows how most corporations can be held accountable for their…

Strategic Options for Global Market Players

Edward R. Koepfler

By developing a product that meets worldwide requirements and positioning that product to capitalize on local needs, companies can capture new markets with good potential for…

Six Lessons for Managing Technology

G. Lynn Shostack

The baby‐boom generation has come of age and is taking charge of U.S. business. But many of the men and women who are moving into senior line management hide a dark and…

Managing Child Care in the 1990s

David W. Rhodes, Margaret Regan

If employers are having a hard time finding capable employees today, just wait until tomorrow. Those responsible for recruiting entry‐level staff in the 1990s and beyond will have…

Answers to R&D Dilemmas

Robert Lawrence Kuhn

The blurring of boundaries among industry, university, and government is becoming a dominant trend as we approach the twenty‐first century. In a world where technology and…

Raising Venture Capital

Lon Taylor

The word “venture” is synonymous with “risk.” Venture capital investment is risk financing. The investor bases his expectations for return on capital on his assessment of measured…

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