Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 10 Issue 3


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Compatibility Pays Off: An Interview With Management Consultant Samuel C. Fleming

An executive at Arthur D. Little, Inc., the country's oldest management consulting firm, provides some answers to the question, “What will I get when I hire a consultant?”

Members Only Fashions a Unique Selling Strategy

Herb Goldsmith

This menswear manufacturer has devoted entire advertising budgets to antidrug and voter registration campaigns. Working closely with its media advisers, this strategy helped the…

Get the Most Bang for Your PR Dollars

Len Kessler

A veteran public relations professional outlines a strategy to help a company get the most value for its PR efforts.

The Making of a New Corporate Image

Clive Chajet

When a company changes its mission or product line, it should coordinate a communications effort to assure investors, employees, customers, and analysts that its image reflects…

Now Service Businesses Must Manage Quality

Glenn DeSouza

Most service companies do not measure or monitor quality on a regular basis. Like manufacturers, they should standardize their product—service quality—to attain a competitive…

How to Devise a Winning Business Plan: An Interview With Chief Executive B. Charles Ames

Strategic or annual operating plans often lack the substance to be a useful management tool. The head of Uniroyal Goodrich describes how to put a plan together to ensure that it's…

Lessons From Japanese Global Acquisitions

Robert O. Metzger, Ari Ginsberg

Despite the statistical successes of the Japanese banking industry in the United States, Japanese bankers have failed to take advantage of the market's full potential. All global…

Why Automating Isn't Enough

Raymond G. Ernst

Simply adding automation to an existing business environment typically results in a marginal savings of 10 to 20 percent. But when improvements are also made to existing business…

The Emerging Benefits of Image Technology

G. Michael Ashmore

Information technology is now recognized as a critical component of business success. The information systems clarion call has been sounded and the mounting evidence for the…

Where Do Merger Profits Go?

Kenneth M. Davidson

Stockholders make money from takeovers—stockholders of the acquired firm, that is. When Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) took RJR Nabisco private for over $24 billion, for…

What to Do About Rising Employee Compensation

Eugene F. Finkin

Companies are becoming increasingly concerned about rising em‐ployee compensation. Here are some proven ways to keep it down. First look at hourly labor. This can be considered a…

Playing Politics—Vote No

Frank K. Sonnenberg

Politicians are elected to serve their constituencies; those who vote for them believe that they will improve conditions in the country, thereby improving the quality of the…

Overcome Cultural Barriers to Manufacturing Improvement

Robert A. King, G. Christopher Wood

Increasing productivity in manufacturing has, in recent years, been predicated on adopting automated equipment and the latest integrated manufacturing technologies. CIM, JIT, and…

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