Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 10 Issue 1


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Why I Bought the Company

O.M. Scott & Sons, the lawn products company, had been a division of ITT. Tadd G. Seitz, President and GEO of Scott, tells why he and his management team purchased the company…

So You Want to Do a Leveraged Buyout

Marc Schwarz, Edward A. Weinstein

Some practical advice from two veteran LBO advisers can help potential owner‐managers navigate the unexpected twists and turns of this transaction.

The Growing Appeal of the Leveraged ESOP

Corey Rosen

More and more companies are linking their leveraged buyouts to an employee stock ownership plan. Two of the reasons: to create shareholder loyalty and to encourage superior…

Growth Strategies at Remington

Kiam, President of Remington Products, Inc., reveals his strategies for turning a company that lost $30 million in a four‐year period to one with expected sales of $300 million…

It's Time to Explore New Global Trade Options

Anant R. Negandi, Peter A. Donhowe

By insisting on 100 percent ownership of foreign ventures and refusing to enter into partnerships with foreign investors or governments, U.S. corporations are losing business to…

The Role of Leadership in Strategy Development

David G. Shanks

What makes a great leader? Here is how executives utilize innovations to strike out in new directions.

Strengthening the Link Between R&D and Corporate Strategy

William J. Spencer, Deborah D. Triant

How can companies improve the value that is derived from their research efforts? The authors believe the key is to open the lines of communication between R&D and business…

Techniques for Cost Justifying CIM

Jean L. Noble

Because computer‐integrated manufacturing is a complex, high‐risk investment that is difficult to cost justify, many companies have refrained from using it and reaping its…

How to Limit Inventory Expenses

Eugene F. Finkin

Royal Little, in his heyday at Textron, used to tell people that managing inventory is “working where the money is.” This statement emphasizes the truth that inventory ties up…

Evolution of a New Industry

Kenneth M. Davidson

For about a decade, the annual number and total value of large mergers have consistently grown, with only occasional pauses or reverses. In contrast, the economy, the stock…

A New Approach for Managing Information Technology

G. Michael Ashmore

C ompanies that have learned to harness the power of technology have been able to open up markets, improve the quality of business operations and products, and increase profits…

Direct Mail—The Right Audience and the Right Message

Frank K. Sonnenberg

In a discussion of the problems inherent in advertising almost a century ago, retailer John Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I…

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