Journal of Managerial Psychology: Volume 36 Issue 4


Human Resource Management

Table of contents - Special Issue: The Physical Environment of Organizational Behavior (OB)

Guest Editors: Oluremi B. Ayoko, Neal M. Ashkanasy

Relationship of immediate workspace and environmental workplace with organizational citizenship behaviors

Kameron M. Carter, David M. Harman, Sheryl L. Walter, Thomas S. Gruca

The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship of immediate workspace satisfaction (IWS) and environmental workplace quality (EWQ) on perceived organizational…

Conceptualizing social well-being in activity-based offices

Susanne Colenberg, Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Natalia Romero Herrera, David Keyson

The purpose of this article is to aid conceptualization of social well-being at work by identifying its components in a contemporary office context, so adequate measures…

Workspace transitions: conceptualizing and measuring person–space fit and examining its role in workplace outcomes and social network activity

Sarah Bankins, Maria Tomprou, ByeongJo Kim

Although the physical environment provides an important context for employees' work, there remain divergent findings regarding how different spatial settings, such as more…

Perceptions and performance of knowledge workers transitioning from single-cell offices to shared workspaces: evidence from panel data

Rachel Lopes Morrison, Philip Stahlmann-Brown

to evaluate the experiences of knowledge workers who work in shared workspaces and those who moved from single-cell offices to shared workspaces.

Socio-spatial perspectives on open-plan versus cellular offices

Kerstin Sailer, Matt Thomas

This research provides a new perspective on the long-standing debate of open-plan versus cellular offices. It analyzes the effects of workplace layouts on organizational…

Coping strategies and perceived productivity in open-plan offices with noise problems

Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Sven Steps, Remy Wenmaekers, Theo Arentze

To study effects of different sources of noise in office environments on perceived productivity, how different types of employees cope with different noise sources, and…

Office types and workers' cognitive vs affective evaluations from a noise perspective

Tobias Otterbring, Christina Bodin Danielsson, Jörg Pareigis

This study aims to examine the links between office types (cellular, shared-room, small and medium-sized open-plan) and employees' subjective well-being regarding…

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