International Marketing Review: Volume 34 Issue 6


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The impact of country of origin on context effects in choice

Moon-Yong Kim, Byung Il Park

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of country of origin (COO) information as an important/salient categorical attribute on choice context effects…


Invariant effect of individual cultural orientations: an application of CVSCALE

Boonghee Yoo, Geon-Cheol Shin

Culture is recognized as a pivotal variable in country of origin (COO) research. The purpose of this paper is to assess culture from an individual perspective and to…


Examining the role of empathy on third-country nationals’ foreign product purchase behaviour: A study of the growing international boycott against Israel

Tariq Abdullatif Halimi, Clare D’Souza, Gillian Sullivan-Mort

As the Arab/Muslim-Israeli animosity case is attracting international attention, citizens of non-Arab and non-Muslim countries around the world, referred to as…

Institutional-driven dimensions and the capacity to start a business: A preliminary study based on two countries

Jose Carlos M. Pinho, Douglas Thompson

Drawing insights from institutional theory, the purpose of this paper is to analyse the synergistic effects of a range of entrepreneurial framework conditions (EFCs) on…

Determinants of the governance structure of the international franchise firm: A case study analysis in the automotive rental industry

Maria Jell-Ojobor, Josef Windsperger

The governance structure of international franchise firms varies from higher control modes, such as wholly owned subsidiaries and joint venture franchising, to lower…


MNCs and religious influences in global markets: Drivers of consumer-based halal brand equity

Muhammad Mohsin Butt, Susan Rose, Stephen Wilkins, Junaid Ul Haq

Multinational corporations (MNCs) that want to compete in markets worldwide should not underestimate the influences of religion on consumer demand. Almost one quarter of…


Perceptions and effects of cross-national corporate reputation: The role of Hofstede’s cultural value approach

Bernhard Swoboda, Johannes Hirschmann

Few scholars have analysed the corporate reputation (CR) of multinational corporations (MNCs) internationally, but both CR perception and effect are likely to differ…


Market challenges, learning and customer orientation, and innovativeness in IJVs

Chansoo Park, Chang Hoon Oh, Azilah Kasim

The purpose of this paper is to advance a theoretical framework that incorporates the relationship between market challenge and learning and customer orientations, and the…

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