International Marketing Review: Volume 34 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Country of origin research revisited: seeking new methods and variables

Guest Editors: Eunju Ko, Byeong-Joon Moon, Peter Magnusson

Inconsistencies in the behavioural effects of consumer ethnocentrism: The role of brand, product category and country of origin

George Balabanis, Nikoletta-Theofania Siamagka

Despite the well-established impact of consumer ethnocentrism (CET) on purchase intentions, extant literature offers limited evidence on actual purchase behaviour. The…


The EU as superordinate brand origin: an entitativity perspective

Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Marc Herz, Nicole Koschate-Fischer

Drawing from the entitativity theory, the purpose of this paper is to focus on the European Union (EU) as a superordinate entity and investigate the extent to which a…

COO vs ROO: importance of the origin in customer preferences towards financial entities

José Manuel García-Gallego, Antonio Chamorro Mera

The purpose of this paper is to determine the importance that customers give to the origin attribute when selecting a financial entity compared to other features directly…

Country of origin effects in international marketing channels: How overseas distributors account for the origins of products and brands

Byeong-Joon Moon, Han-Mo Oh

The purpose of this paper is to provide an understanding of the country-of-origin (COO) effect on overseas distributors’ behaviour in international marketing channels…


Buy-national campaigns: congruence determines premiums for domestic products

Andrea Insch, Damien Mather, John Knight

The purpose of this paper is to investigate consumer willingness to pay a premium for domestically manufactured products in the context of a buy-national campaign and the…

Country of origin effects on brand image, brand evaluation, and purchase intention: A closer look at Seoul, New York, and Paris fashion collection

Namhoon Kim, Eunha Chun, Eunju Ko

The purpose of this paper is to analyze how national stereotype, country of origin (COO), and fashion brand’s images influence consumers’ brand evaluations and purchase…


A store brand’s country-of-origin or store image: what matters to consumers?

Tony C. Garrett, Sungkyu Lee, Kyounghee Chu

The purpose of this paper is to assess the relative importance of country-of-origin (COO) and its dimensions – country of design (COD), country of technology (COT), and…


Drawing negative inferences from a positive country-of-origin image: Consumers’ use of COI and price levels to assess counterfeit drugs

Kashef A. Majid

The purpose of this paper is to explore how a positive country-of-origin image will impact consumer perceptions for a high-risk product when the price is unexpectedly low.

The effect of COO on retail buyers’ propensity to trial new products

James Reardon, Donata Vianelli, Chip Miller

The purpose of this paper is to theorize country-of-origin (COO) to be important to retail buyers in making purchase decisions. However, this question has not been…


Country of origin and ethnocentrism in the context of lateral, upward and downward migration

Mohammadali Zolfagharian, Roberto Saldivar, Jakob Braun

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of consumer ethnocentrism and country of origin across different immigrant communities.

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