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Table Of Contents: Volume 32 Issue 2

Extending the method of exponential basis functions to problems with singularities

Farshid Mossaiby, Majid Bazrpach, Arman Shojaei

– The purpose of this paper is to aim at extending the method of exponential basis functions (EBF) to solve a class of problems with singularities.

Prototype and numerical studies of interference characteristics of two ski-jump jets from opening spillway gates

Yexiang Xiao, Zhengwei Wang, Jidi Zeng, jintai Zheng, Jiayang Lin, Lanjin Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to experimentally and numerically investigate the interference characteristics between two ski-jump jets on the flip bucket in a large dam…

Seismic damage evaluation of reinforced concrete slit walls

Sergiu Andrei Baetu, A H Barbat, Ioan Petru Ciongradi

The purpose of this paper is to investigate a dissipative reinforced concrete structural wall that can improve the behavior of a tall multi-storey building. The main…

Discrete element modeling of vibrating tillage tools

Istvan Keppler, Zoltan Hudoba, Istvan Oldal, Attila Csatar, Laszlo Fenyvesi

– The analysis of the effect of tool vibrations on the measured and simulated draught forces of cultivator tools. This paper aims to discuss this issue.

On the modeling of oil well drilling processes

Esteban Della Nave, Eduardo Natalio Dvorkin

– The purpose of this paper is to present the development of a simulator of oil well drilling processes.

A surface model using the eccentric shell and multi-point constraint for warpage prediction of plastics

Shi Zhang, Yun Zhang, Songxin Shi, Zhigao Huang, Huamin Zhou

– The purpose of this paper is to propose a new surface model combining the eccentric shell with multi-point constraint (MPC) for warpage prediction of injection molded plastics.

Acceleration of free-vibrations analysis with the Dual Reciprocity BEM based on ℋ-matrices and CUDA

Yixiong Wei, Qifu Wang, Yunbao Huang, Yingjun Wang, Zhaohui Xia

The purpose of this paper is to present a novel strategy used for acceleration of free-vibration analysis, in which the hierarchical matrices structure and Compute Unified…

On a mixed time integration procedure for non-linear structural dynamics

Mário Rui Tiago Arruda, Dragos Ionut Moldovan

– The purpose of this paper is to report the implementation of an alternative time integration procedure for the dynamic non-linear analysis of structures.

Shaped charge simulation using SPH in cylindrical coordinates

Alessandro Piccaglia Baêta-Neves, Arnaldo Ferreira

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the applicability of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method in the jet formation process of a cylindrical-shaped…

A fictitious crack XFEM with two new solution algorithms for cohesive crack growth modeling in concrete structures

Xiaodong Zhang, Tinh Quoc Bui

– The purpose of this paper is to achieve numerical simulation of cohesive crack growth in concrete structures.

An evolutionary approach for simultaneous optimization of material property distribution and topology of FG structures

Saeed Maleki Jebeli, Masoud Shariat Panahi

The purpose of this paper is to introduce an evolutionary heuristic method for simultaneous optimization of topology and material property distribution of functionally…

Development of a computational efficient tool for robust structural optimization

Renato de Siqueira Motta, Silvana Maria Bastos Afonso, Paulo Roberto Lyra, Ramiro Brito Willmersdorf

Optimization under a deterministic approach generally leads to a final design in which the performance may degrade significantly and/or constraints can be violated because…

An EFG-SBM based partitioning algorithm for two-dimensional elastic analysis of cyclically symmetrical structures

Xiaofeng Guo, Yiqian He, Haitian Yang

– The purpose of this paper is to exploit the cyclic symmetry to reduce the computational expense of scaled boundary method (SBM) which may cumber its further application.

Numerical approaches to stability analysis of cylindrical composite shells based on load imperfections

Nikolay Asmolovskiy, Anton Tkachuk, Manfred Bischoff

Current procedures of buckling load estimation for thin-walled structures may provide very conservative estimates. Their refinement offers the potential to use structure…

Aerodynamic shape design using hybrid evolutionary computing and multigrid-aided finite-difference evaluation of flow sensitivities

Luciano Andrea Catalano, Domenico Quagliarella, Pier Luigi Vitagliano

The purpose of this paper is to propose an accurate and efficient technique for computing flow sensitivities by finite differences of perturbed flow fields. It relies on…

Geometrically nonlinear analysis of functionally graded plates using isogeometric analysis

Shuohui Yin, Tiantang Yu, Tinh Quoc Bui, Minh Ngoc Nguyen

The purpose of this paper is to propose an efficient and accurate numerical model that employs isogeometric analysis (IGA) for the geometrically nonlinear analysis of…



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