Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 41 Issue 4


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Does your data deliver for decision making? New directions for resource sharing assessment

Collette Mak, Margaret Ellingson, Charla Lancaster

This paper aims to describe how data were used to design and evaluate new services at Notre Dame and how data were used to evaluate changes in user behavior at Emory…

Revisiting interlibrary loan best practices: still viable?

Carol Kochan, Lars Leon

This paper seeks to evaluate the impact of the Group Interlibrary Loan Best Practices instituted by the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) Libraries in 2002 and to…


Oh the possibilities: ebook lending and interlibrary loan

Ryan Litsey, Kenny Ketner

– The purpose of this paper is to review the impact on interlibrary loans presented by electronic books, and to provide a starting point for discussion.


EVA (ErwerbungsVorschlags-Assistant) assists in collection building! Using ILL data for patron-driven acquisition

Ania López, Peter Mayr

The purpose of this paper is to describe the “ErwerbungsVorschlags-Assistent” (EVA), its underlying concepts and first usage statistics and experiences at the University…

Interlending and document supply: a review of the recent literature: 84

Mike McGrath

– The purpose of this paper is to provide a review of the literature concerning interlending and document supply.



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