Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 38 Issue 2


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Going global: examining issues and seeking collaboration for international interlending, the view from the US

David P. Atkins

International interlibrary loan remains a persistent and sometimes vexing topic in US libraries. Technology's advance allows libraries and library users to easily identify…


Now we're getting somewhere – adventures in trans Tasman interlending

Debbie Hanington, David Reid

This paper seeks to describe a decade's worth of ISO‐ILL implementation in Australia and New Zealand. It aims to background key historical decisions and the drivers for…


Federated search as a transformational technology enabling knowledge discovery: the role of

Walter Warnick

The purpose of this paper is to describe the work of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) in the US Department of Energy Office of Science and OSTI's…

DELNET – the functional resource sharing library network: a success story from India

Sangeeta Kaul

The purpose of this paper is to describe the work of DELNET, the successful resource sharing and information provider in India.


UK PubMed Central: becoming the information resource of choice for the UK's life sciences research community

Paul Davey

Supported by the UK's eight principle funders of biomedical and health research, UK PubMed Central (UKPMC) is being developed in close consultation with its intended user…

Information supply beyond text: non‐textual information at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) – challenges and planning

Jan Brase, Ina Blümel

The purpose of this paper is to describe the work being done at The German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) to make non‐textual information, for example…


The development of union catalogues in Iran: the need for a web based catalogue

Afshin Mousavi Chelak, Fereydoon Azadeh

This paper aims to focus on the formation of union catalogues and union lists in Iran and discuss the development of these tools in electronics and online environments. It…


Interlending and document supply: a review of the recent literature: 70

Mike McGrath

The purpose of this paper is to provide a review of the most recent literature concerning document supply and related matters.



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