Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 33 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Maurice Line – a celebration of a lifetime in librarianship

Guest Editors: Stella Pilling, Mike McGrath

The British Library: its origins, development and future

Lynne Brindley

To summarise the development of the British Library and the role played by Maurice Line.


Information science as a liberal art

William Y. Arms

Attempts to deal with the issue of how we can educate the next generation of leaders for the information needs of the future.


Tilting at windmills: BLDSC and the UK higher education community

Derek Law

To provide an overview of, the relationship between the British Library and higher education libraries in the 1990s, with particular relation to document supply. It also…

A practical line in bibliometrics

Jack Meadows

The purpose of this article is to describe Maurice Line's continuing interest in bibliometrics and in its possible application to library problems since the 1970s. He has…


The evidence‐based academic library: Maurice Line and the Parry Report

Bernard Naylor

To describe the part played by Maurice Line in the use of survey evidence and performance information in the management of academic libraries, commencing with the…

The other side of Line

Edward Dudley

To look at the pseudonymous writings of Maurice Line.

Maurice Line: a personal and inevitably partial view

B.J. Enright

An introduction to a book of papers by Maurice Line published in 1988.

Maurice's management maxims

Maurice B. Line

Aims to bring together the author's management maxims.

Librarianship as it is practised: a failure of intellect, imagination and initiative

Maurice B. Line

To highlight some fundamental weaknesses in the library profession internationally, including an inability to analyse problems, imagine new solutions and press for change…

A lifetime's change in LIS

Maurice B. Line

To investigate and comment on changes in LIS during a lifetime in libraries, half of it spent in senior positions.



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