Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 32 Issue 2


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Remote document supply in Iceland before and after nationwide access to 8000 e‐journals: the story so far

Þórný Hlynsdóttir, Þóra Gylfadóttir

In the year 2000 Iceland gained nationwide access to 4,000 e‐journals, another 3,500 in 2001 and over 500 since then. Thus, the population of Iceland has been given the…

How the West was won: using VDX to redevelop cooperative document delivery services in Western Australia

Toby Burrows, Carolyn McDonald, Dan Archibald

The Western Australian Group of University Librarians (WAGUL) has a long history of successful collaborative ventures. A well‐established cooperative interlending…

The future of interlending

Mary E. Jackson

This keynote address identifies and describes ten trends in interlending and document supply over the period 2003 through to 2008.


License to Deny? Publisher restrictions on document delivery from e‐licensed journals

Lynn N. Wiley

The licensing of electronic journals is affecting interlibrary loan and document delivery services. This article reports on a survey done in 2003 at 13 large research…

Recent developments in remote document supply in the UK

Stephen Prowse

Recent trends and developments in remote document supply in the UK are examined, including a suggestion of what to call the activity itself. The impact of recent…


Collection coherence and digital abundance: enhancing the effectiveness of document supply

Paul Genoni, Margaret Jones

This article commences with an overview of the changes to library cooperative activity and how these might affect document supply operations. It looks at the increasing…


What's the “big deal”, and why is it a bad deal for universities?

David Ball

At first sight the “big (or all‐you‐can‐eat) deal” seems excellent value for libraries and their users, and represents the shining possibilities of the electronic age. A…


Interlending and document supply: a review of recent literature – 49

Mike McGrath

Reviews the recent literature in document supply. Looking in particular at e books and journals, resource sharing, scholarly communication, unmediated delivery and pricing.


Mary Jackson's musings

Mary E. Jackson

Describes what the author of this column envisages for the future of this regular feature. Gives a brief outline of her career history, commenting on the changes in…




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