Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 27 Issue 4


Table of contents

The changing nature of international resource sharing: risks and benefits of collaboration

Nancy E. Elkington, Dennis Massie

Discusses the context for international interlending in historical terms, and the Research Libraries Group’s SHARES programme. Characterizes the current state of…

Meeting the document supply needs of distance learners

Roderic Vassie

The need for university libraries to adapt their services to the different demands imposed by distance learning is explored in the context of the increasing importance of…


A plan for the establishment of a library network or consortium for Swaziland: preliminary investigations and formulations

Brimah Jalloh

Libraries and Information Services (LIS) are being transformed by technology; consequently, LIS are having to adapt to meet their users’ changing needs and growing…

Interlibrary lending in France: the situation today

Céline Menil

With the closure of the Centre de Prêt at the Bibliothèque Nationale, and the prospect of integration of higher grade information systems, the French interlending system…




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