Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 24 Issue 3


Table of contents

Document supply in the electronic world: the publishers’ view

Barbara Meredith

Focuses on several separate but co‐operative efforts in the intellectual property arena by the US Government, the European Union and various publishers’ organizations…


Why does Finland make so many international ILDS requests?

Pia Södergård

Reports on a study initiated by the Finnish Council for Information Provision (TINFO) in order to find out why, as was shown in a European‐wide survey of interlending and…


End‐user document access, retrieval and delivery systems ‐ a developer’s tale

Frank B. Oliver

During the last year or so we have seen glimpses of a brave new world of futuristic “next generation” systems offering all manner of document access, retrieval and…


The Unity combined regions database

Margaret Sheridan, Bridget Powell

Outlines the development of the Unity System and the combined regions database. Describes the involvement of eight regional library systems in the Unity Database, and the…


LAMDA: questions and some answers

Frederick J. Friend

Considerable interest is being expressed in a new UK document delivery project known as LAMDA. Answers some of the questions that have been asked about LAMDA (London and…


Interlending and document supply: a review of recent literature ‐ XXX

Sara Gould

Reviews current literature in the field of interlending and document supply. Topics covered include UAP, national library policy, public libraries, resource sharing…




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