Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 20 Issue 3


Table of contents

A view of the copyright licensing situation

C. Bradley

Discusses the problem of providing access to information using newtechnology while still allowing information producers and providers toearn revenue. Considers whether…

Document supply in Spain in the field of science and technology: an analysis of demand

Manuela Vázquez, J Alvarez‐Ossorio

Analyses journal demand received by one of Spain′s two documentsupply centres in one year. Examines data in the following categories:most frequently requested subjects…

Charging for interlibrary loan nationally and internationally

Graham P Cornish

Discusses the arguments for and against the trend of charging forinterlibrary loans. Considers the costs of interlending, sources ofinformation, the charging situation in…

The changing role of the subscription agent

John Cox

Examines the way subscription agents must adapt to changing marketneeds as intermediaries between libraries and publishers. Compares thevalue of printed journals as a…

Interlending and document supply: A review of recent literature: XXII

Margaret Barwick

Describes a number of experiments with electronic documentdelivery, and the copyright problems that are affecting its use.Considers the inadequacies of interlending for…




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