Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 19 Issue 2


Table of contents

Interlending between academic libraries in France – A review

Christine Deschamps

Describes interlending activities in French academic libraries.Explains their use of new technologies including electronic documentdelivery and electronic mail. Charging…

A European‐wide survey of interlending and document supply

Graham P Cornish

A summary of a report to UNESCO with the results of a studyexamining various aspects of interlending and document supply throughoutEurope. Examines the size and nature of…

The online document ordering network for libraries in the Federal Republic of Germany: The role of the National Library of Economics

Ekkehart Seusing

Describes the task of the National Library of Economics and theSerial Database, a union list of serials in Germany providing an onlinedocument ordering module. Types of…

European interlending: Some remarks about its feasibility

HDL Vervliet

Enquires into the feasibility of a European interlending system.Considers which mechanism should be developed. Comments on locationinstruments, requesting, processing…



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