Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 18 Issue 1


Table of contents

Interlibrary lending in the United Kingdom and Ireland 1988/89

Graham P. Cornish

Argues that interlibrary lending has not changed significantly inthe year 1988/89. Claims that demand within regions rose slightly as diduse of British Library Document…

Developments in the Netherlands

L Costers

Discusses the voluntary and co‐operative basis of interlibrarylending among libraries in the Netherlands. Outlines the co‐operativedevelopment of an automated Union…

Interlibrary lending in Botswana: practices, problems and prospects

Edwin N Qobose

Presents a critical appraisal of the practices and problems ofinterlibrary lending (LL) in Botswana. Highlights the importance ofresource sharing through interlending…

The role of interlibrary loan in a new academic library

Paul WT Poon

Describes the mechanism of interlibrary lending (ILL) as used bythe Library of the City Polytechnic of Hong Kong – an institute ofhigher education only four years old…

A review of recent literature: XVII

Graham P. Cornish

Examines literature surrounding several issues concerninginterlibrary lending (ILL). Reviews the value given to statisticalanalysis in ILL. Discusses the importance of…



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