Interlending & Document Supply: Volume 17 Issue 1


Table of contents

The impact of new technology on document availability and access

Marie‐France Plassard

Reports on new technological developments in the informationtransfer chain and evaluates their likely impact on availability of andaccess to documents. Demonstrates that…

The interlibrary loan librarian

Virginia Boucher

Advances the idea that interlibrary lending is the Cinderella ofthe library service. Shows that it is support staff that frequentlyperform the tasks associated with…

Small circulation (“grey′” literature in the Institutes of Information in Social Sciences of the USSR Academy of Sciences

M.S. Palnikov

Discusses “grey literature”, in other words literatureof small circulation. Shows that there is a lack of appropriatestatistical and other data on either the acquisition…

INFONET in the Eastern Caribbean

Sandra John

Reports on the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)Information Network (INFONET), originally developed to cover theinformation requirements of the public…

A review of recent literature: XV

Graham P Cornish

Reports on the new union catalogue in Hong Kong, expected to makesavings in international interlending traffic. Argues that internationalinterlending is an expensive…



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