The Electronic Library: Volume 37 Issue 2

Digital information organization and use


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An epistemological assessment of learning nutritional information with augmented reality

Lih-Juan ChanLin, Kung-Chi Chan, Chiao-Ru Wang

This study aims to investigate whether epistemological assessment is a suitable approach to evaluate students’ learning of dietary knowledge via the use of an augmented reality…

Disambiguating USPTO inventor names with semantic fingerprinting and DBSCAN clustering

Hongqi Han, Yongsheng Yu, Lijun Wang, Xiaorui Zhai, Yaxin Ran, Jingpeng Han

The aim of this study is to present a novel approach based on semantic fingerprinting and a clustering algorithm called density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise…

Exploring the use of electronic resources by humanities scholars during the research process

Shih-Chuan Chen

This study aims to examine the types of documents that humanities scholars use in their publications, how humanities scholars use electronic resources during their research, and…

How much of library digital content is checked out but never used?: A call for refined lending models

Angela Lieu, Dangzhi Zhao

This paper aims to identify patterns, trends and potential implications related to post-checkout non-usage (material that is checked out by a user, but subsequently never opened…


An efficient semantic recommender method forArabic text

Bilal Hawashin, Shadi Alzubi, Tarek Kanan, Ayman Mansour

This paper aims to propose a new efficient semantic recommender method for Arabic content.

Investigation and analysis of research support services in academic libraries

Li Si, Yueliang Zeng, Sicheng Guo, Xiaozhe Zhuang

This paper aims at understanding the current situation of research support services offered by academic libraries in world-leading universities and providing useful implications…


Study of Asian RDR based on re3data

Jane Cho

RDR has become an essential academic infrastructure in an atmosphere that facilitates the openness of research output granted by public research funds. This study aims to…

A Chinese ancient book digital humanities research platform to support digital humanities research

Chih-Ming Chen, Chung Chang

With the rapid development of digital humanities, some digital humanities platforms have been successfully developed to support digital humanities research for humanists. However…


The associativity evaluation between open data and country characteristics

Yean-Fu Wen, Yi-Ting Hwang

The purpose of this study is to review the levels of open government data (OGD) among various countries that are not consistent with the development levels of those countries…

KEFST: a knowledge extraction framework using finite-state transducers

Ahsan Mahmood, Hikmat Ullah Khan, Zahoor Ur Rehman, Khalid Iqbal, Ch. Muhmmad Shahzad Faisal

The purpose of this research study is to extract and identify named entities from Hadith literature. Named entity recognition (NER) refers to the identification of the named…

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