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Digital information organization and use


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Method for automatic key concepts extraction: Application to documents in the domain of nuclear reactors

Sudarsana Desul, Madurai Meenachi N., Thejas Venkatesh, Vijitha Gunta, Gowtham R., Magapu Sai Baba

Ontology of a domain mainly consists of a set of concepts and their semantic relations. It is typically constructed and maintained by using ontology editors with…

The content disseminated on social media by public secondary school libraries as a reflection of society: The case of the Extremadura region of Spain

Cristina Faba-Pérez, Lara María Infante-Fernández

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the type of content disseminated by school libraries through social media and what topics are the most commonly used, to discover…

Exploring the quality of government open data: Comparison study of the UK, the USA and Korea

Myongho Yi

The use of “open data” can help the public find value in various areas of interests. Many governments have created and published a huge amount of open data; however…

Assessing mobile application components in providing library services

Ali Mansouri, Nooshin Soleymani Asl

This study aims to investigate the essential components needed to develop a practical mobile application for providing library services to its users.


An index-based ranking of conferences in a distinctive manner

Muhammad Farooq, Hikmat Ullah Khan, Tassawar Iqbal, Saqib Iqbal

Bibliometrics is one of the research fields in library and information science that deals with the analysis of academic entities. In this regard, to gauge the productivity…

Heuristic-based user interface evaluation of the mobile centralized doctor appointment system: A case study

Yavuz Inal

This study aims to evaluate the interface of the mobile Centralized Doctor Appointment System (CDAS), the largest mobile e-government health application developed in…

Grey literature archiving pattern in open access (OA) repositories with special emphasis on Indian OA repositories

B.S. Shivaram, B.S. Biradar

This paper aims to examine the grey literature archiving pattern at open-access repositories with special reference to Indian open-access repositories.

Towards digital scholarship services in China’s university libraries: Establishing a guiding framework from literature

Lihong Zhou, Ruhua Huang, Tim Zijlstra

This paper aims to report on a literature review that aimed to establish a guiding framework for the development of digital scholarship services in China’s university libraries.

A bibliometric analysis of inventory management research based on knowledge mapping

Yong Ye, Yuanqin Ge

The research mainly aims at the hotspot of inventory management by knowledge mapping and provides a visualization reference in this research field.

Cataloguing practices at university libraries: Analysis of current conditions and practices in Turkey

Tolga Çakmak

This study aims to analyse current practices and cooperation between the Turkish university libraries related to cataloguing processes and present cataloguing librarians…

Retrieval effectiveness of image search engines

Aabid Hussain, Sumeer Gul, Tariq Ahmad Shah, Sheikh Shueb

The purpose of this study is to explore the retrieval effectiveness of three image search engines (ISE) – Google Images, Yahoo Image Search and Picsearch in terms of their…

Use of multi-lexicons to analyse semantic features for summarization of touring reviews

Hei Chia Wang, Yu Hung Chiang, Yi Feng Sun

This paper aims to improve a sentiment analysis (SA) system to help users (i.e. customers or hotel managers) understand hotel evaluations. There are three main purposes in…

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