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Table Of Contents: Volume 19 Issue 1

Self‐issue and return systems: experiences in the UK

Anne Morris, Louise Thornley, Katie Snudden

The early 1990s saw the emergence of automated self‐service issue units in the UK. Since then we have seen the introduction of second and third generation systems, the…

Intranet‐based service delivery – making it work

Mary Peterson

Discusses how to deliver a library service via an intranet or the Internet, using our library as an example. The main emphasis is on setting up a service to suit an online…

User‐oriented approach to Web referral: Museo Mediator and the hyperguide for health prevention

A.M. Paci

Outlines the results of a research into new methods and tools to design and implement user‐oriented Web referral services for the Internet. Reports on a research project…

Organisation factors in local library network development in India

Sanjaya Mishra

India has seven local library networks and a national library network (INFLIBNET). However, these networks are in differing stages of development. Most are at a…

Best English language Web sites in agriculture from an international perspective

Geli Zhang, David M. Lane

A short list of English language Web sites in agriculture from an international perspective is given, together with brief reviews of each site, to assist librarians…



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