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Table Of Contents: Volume 15 Issue 2

Libraries and the World Wide Web

Paul Nieuwenhuysen, Patrick Vanouplines

This guest editorial forms a brief introduction to an issue of The Electronic Library which focuses on libraries and the World Wide Web. To start with, the basics and…


A £50 million bid to give every UK citizen free access to the Internet through public libraries, using money from the Millennium Fund, has been rejected by the Millennium…

Selecting Internet resources: Experience at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Library

Kim Fung Yip

Beginning in May 1995, HKUST Library adopted a whole library approach to work on the Library World Wide Web project. All professional librarians in the library were…

Marketing leisure services over the Web in a county council

I.R. Murray, G.F. Sargent

This paper describes the provision of a feasibility study for the development of a county leisure information service for a shire county in England, and discusses how the…

Geographic information systems: How a World Wide Web presence can improve their availability

Pieter A. van Brakel, Martie Pienaar

Geographic information systems (GIS) are increasingly being used for effective accessibility to spatial data. A GIS comprises much more than the mere storage of data…

Getting the Web into libraries

For a library to have a Web page, someone has to put it there and someone has to maintain it. Matt Holland is Subject Librarian for the School of Media Arts and…

Focus news

The first mirror site of IFLANET is up and running, hosted by the Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique (INIST) in Vandoeuvre‐les‐Nancy, France. It can be…

Publishers, publishing and the Internet: How journal publishing will survive and prosper in the electronic age

John E. Cox

The role of the publishing process in adding value to, and disseminating, scholarship and research is independent of the means of output. It comprises the preparation and…

Planning, implementing and managing CD‐ROM services in developing countries

Athanase B. Kanamugire

This paper discusses some issues and challenges which library information systems in developing countries have faced in planning, implementing and managing CD‐ROM…

Z39.50 applications in a medical school

Alain Besson, Bob Chapman, Kate Cheney

After nearly a decade in the making, the Z39.50 protocol is quickly finding its place in many library systems, giving libraries the opportunity to link applications in…

New on the net

Acupuncture FAQ. An FAQ on acupuncture, how it works, Western and Chinese explanations, and so on.

The information society

International New copyright provisions for digital transmission. Two new treaties relating to copyright in digital transmissions have been agreed by the World Intellectual…



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