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Table Of Contents: Volume 14 Issue 6

Electronic journals

Mounir Khalil, Raja Jayatilleke, Ben Jeapes

In May this year at the 17th National Online Meeting in New York the main authors presented a paper (Khalil & Jayatilleke 1996) on ‘The use of electronic journals in…


The electronic library scene Pica has purchased a controlling interest in ALS (Automated Library Systems) and the two have formed a cooperative alliance. Pica concentrates…

Living books and dynamic electronic libraries

Philip Barker

Libraries have become an established part of our scientific and social cultures. They provide an essential mechanism for storing, preserving and sharing documentary…

The market prospects for consumer online services in Europe

Martin White

The development of online services targeted at the consumer mass market in the USA and in Europe is described. The factors that are affecting the rate of growth of these…

Brave.Net.World: the Internet as a disinformation superhighway?

Luciano Floridi

1. Overture: the problem Nobody could seriously doubt that the unidirectional mass media can be very powerful instruments of disinformation. History has already witnessed…

Focus Interview

Barry Mahon

(The European Association of Information Services:>) retires at the end of this year. In keeping with this issue's Focus theme of…

Libraries present and future: The future of the library profession

At this year's National Online Meeting a panel chaired by Pamela Cibbarelli (Cib‐barelli Associates) and consisting of Ching‐chih Chen (Simmons University), Tom Kochtanek…

An overview of commercial electronic document delivery suppliers and services

Sandra P. Price, Anne Morris, J. Eric Davies

There has been a proliferation in commercial electronic document delivery services. Over the past few years this consistent growth, combined with enhancements to existing…

Using scripts to automate online library activities

Rob Kairis

This article discusses the use of telecommunications scripts in automating online library functions. The pros and cons of developing scripts for replacing manual keyboard…

The library as information provider: The home page

Laurel A. Clyde

Many libraries are using the Internet's World Wide Web to provide information/or library clients and others. The article begins with a brief discussion of the situation in…

Library databases on the Web

Howard Falk

When a library presents it own Web site, users would like to be able to search for database information about the library's holdings, up to and including that library's…

Beyond the cyber‐billboard

Bob Duffy

You don't need to be a rocket scientist or a Unix programmer to realise that the World Wide Web is an invaluable platform for global outreach. Virtually any enterprise …

The information society

Canada's Information Highway Advisory Council (IHAC) has held the inaugural meeting for its second phase, at which it tackled how Canada should deal with a ‘borderless…

New on the net

The Alzheimer Research Forum is a non‐profit organisation established for the purpose of supporting the information needs of researchers and to promote openness and…



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