Journal of Valuation: Volume 7 Issue 4


Built Environment

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“Poll taxes”, property taxes and the housing market

Colin Lizieri

Attempts to place the debate over the introduction of the communitycharge in the more analytical framework of economic theory. Argues thatthe community charge has…

The contractor’s basis of valuation for rating and the new non‐domestic rate

Jack Claringbull

Examines the evolution of the Contractor′s basis of valuation forrating, the valuation framework currently adopted and the definitionsthat have emerged from litigation;…

The effect of business rates on rental values

Ian J. Sibley

Examines the effects of non‐domestic rates on rental values, andinvestigates whether a differing rate poundage between two otherwisecomparable areas will result in a…

Regional variations in house prices and house price inflation in Britain, 1969‐1989

Examines regional variations in house prices and the rate of houseprice inflation over the last 20 years. Shows the existence of markedcyclical variations and argues that…

Valuations for merger and take‐over purposes

P.M. Gerold

Discusses the role of the valuation surveyor in the context of atake‐over or merger. Examines a take‐over or merger as an event encasedwithin a corporate transaction or…

Professional negligence: some recent developments

Law Briefing

Offers readers a broad overview of recent developments in the areaof professional negligence. Shows that in recent years there has been adramatic increase in the number of…

Computer assisted valuation: the development of an automated prototype

Marshall Hsia, Peter Byrne

Examines some of the improvements in personal computer software inrecent years and the uptake of this technology in the surveyingindustry. Discusses the extent to which…



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