Industrial Management & Data Systems: Volume 95 Issue 1


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Computer integrated manufacturing: a dream becoming a reality

Ronald P. Anjard

The hope that profitability can be increased or maximized withautomation has been the driving force for computer integratedmanufacturing (CIM). The CIM concept is a combination of…


Automated systems and reliability

Hooshang M. Beheshti, Joel K. Worley

The computer is probably the single greatest innovation of thetwentieth century. However, with all their awe‐inspiring capabilities,computers create a new set of problems. Seeks…


Materials traceability: the à la carte approach that avoids data indigestion

Bryan Wall

Discusses the concept of materials traceability showing how it canproduce up to 80 per cent of the benefits of total quality management.Identifies a number of critical control…


The impact of JIT: a critical analysis

Michael H. Peters, M. Jill Austin

Decisions relating to adoption and use of just‐in‐time (JIT) aretypically based on economic considerations. Experience with JIT systemsindicates that certain non‐economic issues…


Accelerating the commercialization of technology: commercialization through co‐operation

Richard A. Siegel, Sten‐Olof Hansén, Lars H. Pellas

Discusses a new methodology for launching or expanding thecommercialization of new under‐utilized technologies. The approachdiscussed involves the active participation of…

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