Industrial Management & Data Systems: Volume 122 Issue 10


Table of contents - Special Issue: Big Data-Driven Analytics for Smart Cities: Technology-Based Insight

Guest Editors: Yue Guo, Lean Yu, Yichuan Ding, Leandro C. Coelho

Making the hospital smart: using a deep long short-term memory model to predict hospital performance metrics

Qiong Jia, Ying Zhu, Rui Xu, Yubin Zhang, Yihua Zhao

Abundant studies of outpatient visits apply traditional recurrent neural network (RNN) approaches; more recent methods, such as the deep long short-term memory (DLSTM) model, have…

Mixed-frequency data-driven forecasting the important economies' performance in a smart city: a novel RUMIDAS-SVR model

Weiqing Wang, Zengbin Zhang, Liukai Wang, Xiaobo Zhang, Zhenyu Zhang

The purpose of this study is to forecast the development performance of important economies in a smart city using mixed-frequency data.

A multi-dimensional city data embedding model for improving predictive analytics and urban operations

Zhe Jing, Yan Luo, Xiaotong Li, Xin Xu

A smart city is a potential solution to the problems caused by the unprecedented speed of urbanization. However, the increasing availability of big data is a challenge for…

City spatial structure and smart city innovation: the case of China

Yongtai Chen, Rui Li, En-yu Zeng, Pengfei Li

This study aims to analyze the relevance of the city spatial structure for smart city innovation from the perspective of agglomeration externalities, and discusses whether there…

A multi-cycle and multi-echelon location-routing problem for integrated reverse logistics

Xiaofeng Xu, Wenzhi Liu, Mingyue Jiang, Ziru Lin

The rapid development of smart cities and green logistics has stimulated a lot of research on reverse logistics, and the diversified data also provide the possibility of…


Optimal rain gauge network to reduce rainfall impacts on urban mobility – a spatial sensitivity analysis

Felipe de Oliveira Simoyama, Lívia Rodrigues Tomás, Felipe Matheus Pinto, Luiz Leduino Salles-Neto, Leonardo Bacelar Lima Santos

A sustainable transportation system should represent a win-win situation: minimizing transport's impact on the environment and reducing natural disasters' effects on…

Data-driven bus timetabling with spatial-temporal travel time

Xiang Li, Ming Yang, Hongguang Ma, Kaitao (Stella) Yu

Travel time at inter-stops is a set of important parameters in bus timetabling, which is usually assumed to be normal (log-normal) random variable in literature. With the…

Strategic technological determinant in smart destinations: obtaining an automatic classification of the quality of the destination

Sergio Díaz-González, Jesus M. Torres, Eduardo Parra-López, Rosa M. Aguilar

Smart tourist destinations (STDs) make use of new technologies to facilitate and improve the experience of tourists. So why not use these technologies to efficiently manage the…

Artificial intelligence enabled robots for stay experience in the hospitality industry in a smart city

Shivam Gupta, Sachin Modgil, Choong-Ki Lee, Minsook Cho, Yaena Park

The hospitality industry has witnessed numerous changes to enhance the stay experience of guests. To offer a memorable stay experience, the industry has started deploying…


A branch-and-price algorithm for robust parallel batch scheduling problem with uncertain size

Ting Wang, Xiaoling Shao, Xue Yan

In intelligent scheduling, parallel batch processing can reasonably allocate production resources and reduce the production cost per unit product. Hence, the research on a…

Sharing network features analysis and dispatching strategy design

Tong Lv, Shi Lefeng, Weijun He

A vital job for one sharing business is dynamically dispatching shared items to balance the demand-supply of different sharing points in one sharing network. In order to construct…

An investigation of battery storage operating strategies in the context of smart cities

Xing Yao, Shao-Chao Ma, Ying Fan, Lei Zhu, Bin Su

The ongoing urbanization and decarbonization require deployment of energy storage in the urban energy system to integrate large-scale variable renewable energy (VRE) into the…

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