Structural Survey: Volume 8 Issue 3


Table of contents

Guidelines on structural surveys of commercial buildings

Peter Pitt, Ivan Dunstan, Richard Rooley

Attempts to set down the general principles, arrangements anddesirable contents of a report of a structural survey of a commercialproperty.

Understanding dampness in historic buildings

Nicola Ashurst

Explores damp in the context of historic buildings, explaining whythese structures require an individualistic approach. Outlines historicbuilding materials and construction and…

The London District Surveyors' Association Fire Safety Guide No. 1 – Fire Safety in Section 20 Buildings

T.W. Ashton PEng MSFSE

Discusses the London building regulations as applied to buildingswhich have a storey, or part of a storey at a greater height than 30m,and to buildings of the warehouse class or…

Structural vibrations: Part I – Basic theory and testing

Clive Williams

Briefly outlines the nature of vibrations and some of the factorsto be considered in their measurement and analysis. Acts as anintroduction to the surveyor or engineer who does…

Hard public access floors: A problem for the industry – Part 2

Roger Bloomfield

Discusses some of the extent and consequences of failures of hardpublic access floors, affecting among other building types: hospitals,airports, railway stations and shopping…

The new system of mandatory structural surveys for buildings in Singapore – Strategic maintenance planning opportunities and practical issues

Malcolm Thomas

Describes the 1989 Building Control Act in Singapore, whichrequires most building owners to commission periodic structuralinspections, offering opportunities for establishing a…

Time and price as determinants of a structural surveyor’s professional obligations

Anthony P. Lavers

Discusses the legal relevance of two factors in determining theobligations of the structural surveyor – the time available forthe task to be executed and the price or fee agreed…



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