Structural Survey: Volume 7 Issue 3


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Acid deposition and stone

R.N. Butlin

Stone has been used as a structural material in the United Kingdom since mediaeval times, both in the form of dimension stone in the great cathedrals and, more recently, in the…

Insurance implications of storm damage

M.C. Heath

On the morning of Friday, 16th October, 1987, the country awoke to the news that the South East corner of England had been swept by the most severe winds on record. The majority…

York Minster after the fire

Charles Brown

After a Sunday morning service in York Minster attended by the Synod of the Church of England — comprising the two Archbishops, most of the bishops, and representatives of the…

The Birmingham TERN Project Non‐traditional housing – Defects and repair

Ian E. Chandler

The aim of the project entitled Training for the Evaluation and Repair of Non‐Traditional Buildings is to bring together current research, knowledge, practice and development in a…

How we built

John Earl

I am concerned in this paper with old buildings, not necessarily (despite what you know about me) protected historic buildings.

Problems of contribution

M.G. Ross

Litigation arising from building disputes is notorious for the number of different parties involved and the complex interaction of claims based on tort and contract. In the light…



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