Structural Survey: Volume 6 Issue 4


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The assessment and repair of a fire‐damaged supermarket

Paul Swinney

This case study concerns a two‐storey supermarket building which was partially gutted by fire during the Handsworth riots in Birmingham in 1985. Burks Green and Partners were…

Building requirements for physically disabled people

L.N. Bush

Property market forces rarely dictate attention to the more complex and specialist needs of minority groups, like the disabled, unless such a consideration is specifically…

Housing in Canada

Richard Catt

Last summer a small group of estate agents, valuers and surveyors were invited to Canada by the Government to study timber frame housing there. I was nominated by the Royal…

Update on architectural fabrics

W.I. Liddell

Introduction Over the last ten years there has been a rapid increase in the architectural use of fabrics. They are mainly used to provide lightweight, large‐span, translucent…

Proposed Building Regulations for the Conservation of Fuel and Power

Roger Baldwin

The Department of the Environment Stage II proposals for revision of Building Regulations pursue the aim outlined in the Government White Paper ‘Lifting the Burden’; that the…

Corrosion in car‐parking structures

James Hill

Synopsis The use of exposed concrete in car‐parking structures is universal. Even in steel‐framed structures, over 90 per cent of the construction material is concrete and the…

EEC law and the surveyor

M.G. Ross

The recent revisions of the EEC Treaty brought about by the implementation of the Single European Act in July 1987 make it timely to consider the position of the surveyor in the…



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