Structural Survey: Volume 6 Issue 3


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The LDSA and the benefits to builders and developers

Rodney Wilson

The District Surveyors Association was founded in 1845 as a natural progression consequent upon the birth of building control in Inner London, which had followed the Great Fire of…

Pitched roof construction

Brian Keyworth

It is not uncommon for designers of low rise buildings to be instructed by their clients that a requirement for a pitched roof is part of the design brief. This may reflect an…

The effect of environmental conditions on the performance of steel in buildings

R.M. Hudson

Introduction From the range of engineering materials, steel finds wide application in the building construction industry. The majority of steel used is for structural purposes but…

Surveying and reporting on lift installations

G.D. Honey

Introduction Surveys of lift installations are required for many reasons. In some cases, the frequency of breakdowns and stoppages becomes so great that the occupants of the…

Rising groundwater levels beneath London

T. Blower, B. Simpson

Introduction In recent years it has been observed that the groundwater level in the deep aquifer beneath central London is rising. It is becoming clear that this could have…

The legal effects of water extraction

M.G. Ross

‘Although in one sense water is water and always has the same properties it does not always have the same effect. Floodwater can properly be described as a common enemy, but water…



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