Structural Survey: Volume 34 Issue 2


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Causes of high variance in building conservation tenders in Malaysia

Lim Yoke Mui, Yahaya Ahmad, Faezeh Nabavi

– The purpose of this paper is to identify the reasons for the variance among tenders for conservation projects in Malaysia.

Effects of sulphate salts on concrete with untreated coal fly ash (CFA) as partial cement replacement

Kumaran Coopamootoo, Reshma Rughooputh

The cementitious/chemical properties of the untreated CFA are dependent on the coal composition and previous burning conditions. The purpose of this paper is to investigate…


Field survey on frost damage to roof tiles under climatic conditions

Chiemi Iba, Ayumi Ueda, Shuichi Hokoi

Frost damage is well-known as the main cause of roof tile deterioration. The purpose of this paper is to develop an analytical model for predicting the deterioration process under…

Sustainability and investment appraisal for housing regeneration projects

Anthony Paul Higham, Chris Fortune, J.C. Boothman

The purpose of this paper is to assess the selection and use, in practice, of appraisal frameworks regarding sustainability evaluation in UK social housing sector projects, which…


Towards increased BIM usage for existing building interventions

Margarida Jerónimo Barbosa, Pieter Pauwels, Victor Ferreira, Luís Mateus

Building information modeling (BIM) is most often used for the construction of new buildings. By using BIM in such projects, collaboration among stakeholders in an architecture…


A literature review of the evolution of British prefabricated low-rise housing

Daniel O'Neill, Samantha Organ

The purpose of this paper is to explore academic papers and reports and present a chronology of the evolution of British low-rise prefabricated housing. The paper provides…




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