Structural Survey: Volume 32 Issue 2


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Influence of labour arrangement on construction material waste generation

Jeyaraja Jayamathan, Raufdeen Rameezdeen

Construction waste originates from various sources, generally from the inception of construction through to the completion of a building project. Previous research has shown that…


Experimental study on condition assessment of reinforced concrete structure using a dynamics response approach

Chun Pong Sing, P.E.D. Love, P.R. Davis

Condition assessment on reinforced concrete (RC) structures is one of the critical issues as a result of structure degradation due to aging in many developed countries. The…

Application of the concept of cost benefits analysis (CBA) to property level flood risk adaptation measures : A conceptual framework for residential

Rotimi Joseph, David Proverbs, Jessica Lamond, Peter Wassell

There has been a significant increase in flooding in the UK over the past ten years. During this time, Government policy has moved from investment in flood defences towards…


Putting policy initiatives into practice : Adopting an “honest broker” approach to adapting small businesses against flooding

Bingunath Ingirige, Gayan Wedawatta

Amidst the current economic climate, which places many constraints on expensive flood defence schemes, the policy makers tend to favour schemes that are sympathetic to the needs…

Low carbon non-domestic building design process. An ethnographic comparison of design in Wales and England

Gabriela Zapata-Lancaster

The UK aims to reduce the carbon emissions in the building sector so as to achieve nearly zero-carbon new buildings by 2020. In 2010, a 25 per cent reduction of carbon emissions…


Strategies for integrating design and construction and operations and maintenance supply chains in Singapore

Florence Y.Y. Ling, Benjamin G.Y. Toh, Mohan Kumaraswamy, Kelwin Wong

The purpose of this paper is to investigates strategies for achieving better integration between the design and construction (DC) and operation and maintenance (OM) supply chains…




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