Structural Survey: Volume 26 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: The role of the built environment professional in disaster management

Guest Editors: Stephen Brown

Bam earthquake reconstruction assessment: An interdisciplinary analytical study on the risk preparedness of Bam and its cultural landscape: a World Heritage property in danger

Alireza Fallahi

The purpose of this paper is to show that cultural heritage is very important in fostering a quality of life with value and pride in all civilizations. It comes together with an…


Shift of natural frequencies in earthquake‐damaged structures: an optimization approach

Jaime Horta‐Rangel, Socorro Carmona, Victor M. Castaño

Earthquakes can produce important damage in civil infrastructure, including buildings and bridges, representing an important impact on the economy of many countries. The damage is…

Supporting disaster response and recovery through improved situation awareness

Jeongwook Son, Zeeshan Aziz, Feniosky Peña‐Mora

This paper aims to discuss how a high level of situation awareness (SA) has the potential to enhance first responders' performance and manage work demand resulting from…


Managing disaster risks through quality infrastructure and vice versa: Post‐disaster infrastructure reconstruction practices

Roshani Palliyaguru, Dilanthi Amaratunga

Reality suggests that the whole world is currently facing an unprecedented scale of natural disasters. Sri Lanka fell into this category after being one of the hardest hit…


The effect of polypropylene fibres within concrete with regard to fire performance in structures

Alan Richardson, Urmil V. Dave

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of various polypropylene fibre additions (types and volume) to concrete with regard to explosive spalling when subject to high…

Finite element simulation of reinforced concrete structures under impact accident

F. Tahmasebinia

An accidental impact load can be caused by mishaps in industry as well as accidents stemming from transportation or man‐made disasters. There are a number of ways to predict how…




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